Friday, June 22, 2007


Had a great week this week until today, and then I think the stress of work and about a million other things caught up with me and I caved at lunch and ordered a grilled cheese. And then the boy and I had pizza for dinner. But I counted up the calories and I'm actually stil only at about 1900, so not as bad as it could have been. Especially considering I start the half marathon training tomorrow. I think I'm burning calories right now just freaking out about it.

Weird how one great week can do so much for your self-esteem. I look exactly like I did last Friday, but I just feel better. A couple of good runs, some spinach and grilled chicken and suddenly I'm all confident and fabulous. Yeah, I overdid the cheese a little bit today, but eh. It's cool.

So tonight the plan is go to bed early, then I'm heading down south for my first training run in the morning. There's a 5 mile option, with a 3.5 mile turnaround for those who want to take it. I think I'm going to plan to do the 5 miles and use the turnaround if I really need it. I figure I should start out optimistic though, right?

Watching School of Rock right now - love that movie. One great rock show can change the world...

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