Saturday, October 13, 2007

Pre-Race Jitters!

Whew! This has been a crazy week. I had to go to Atlanta for work, so no WW for me. I've been checking my home scale and I think I'm pretty much maintaining this week. Which is fine with me considering I'm tapering for my race this week so I'm not getting in a whole lot activity.

Tomorrow is the big day - 13.1 miles. I'm not going to lie - I'm nervous as hell. The longest I've ever done in my training runs was just about 11 miles. I know 2 more isn't going to kill me. But that 11 miles was hard. And it was weeks ago. And I know I've been doing my training, but I just keep wondering, was it enough? Did I do everything I could have done? I certainly wasn't perfect.

Anyway, today I'm just trying to relax and visualize myself doing well. I just took the dogger on a walk to get some coffee, had some Kashi waffles for breakfast, and now I'm watching Boyz in da Hood. Hey, it's on TV, and it's a good movie!

This afternoon I'm going to go with some friends to pick up my race packet, drive the race course so I can see what I'm in for, eat a big pasta lunch. I was told to have my big meal today be lunch, and then something small but hearty for dinner, so that way I don't end up literally having the runs during the race. :) I know that was a bad joke, but I just had to do it.

Then it's early to bed, hopefully I'll be able to sleep, but I'm sure the nerves are going to make it hard. I'm meeting my training group at 7:15 to warm up, and then the race starts at 8. I'll try to do a race report sometime tomorrow, but we'll see how I feel. It is my one year anniversary after all, so hopefully I'll be basking in the glow of just finishing a great race and enjoying my husband. We're heading to Beaver Creek to celebrate first thing on Monday morning, and I can't wait! It's the off season in the mountains right now, cold but there isn't enough snow to ski yet, so rooms are cheap. Cheap enough that we're staying in the Ritz! Woo hoo!

Hope you all are well and have a great weekend! Wish me luck!


Nancy said...

I know you'll do great. My husband and I were downtown for the Walk for Autism this morning and it was a beautiful morning. I kept thinking "wow, it would nice to run in this weather." I hope you have good weather tomorrow. Good luck!

Kim said...

Good luck Jeni!! I'll be rooting for you!!!!! :)

jodi said...

i know this is a bit late but i hope you had a great run yesterday... i don't see myself EVER running 13 miles, so i'll just enjoy reading about others... ;o)

Alea said...

I've been so thinking of you yesterday! And I can't wait to hear all about it! So proud of you.