Friday, July 20, 2007


TGIF! Although my Friday's are strangely different now that I've started training for this half marathon. I mean I was never a crazy partier out until 4 a.m. (I like sleeping too much) but now on Friday's I try to be in bed by 10:30 or so. I have to get up at six for crying out loud and go run a billion miles. Okay not a billion, but I'm running for an hour and 55 minute tomorrow. Holy crap.

I'm off work early this afternoon, but honestly, I haven't been doing all that much work for my current job - I've really already started doing things for my new gig. I don't start officially until August 1, but I'm helping out here and there before then. I'm so excited and cannot wait to get started. Nervous about the fact that I'll be working with almost all men, but I think I can handle it. I'm confident in my abilities. And it's nice to know that I am good at my job, and I can get out there and do something different and be recognized for my brains and my ability to help a growing company. Well I hope so at least!

I feel good about running, good about my eating and good about things in general, except for the fact that our garage got burglarized this week. Boo!

We live in an old neighborhood and have a detached garage, and I think they jumped the fence into our backyard and went in through the unlocked door. Eh. Guess it teaches us the lesson to always lock all of the doors. They stole both of our bikes (nice road bikes too!) our lawnmower than the boy spent hours perusing Craig's List for, and all of our tools. At least a couple thousand dollars worth of stuff, and our insurance deductible is so high that it's not really even going to help anything.

I've been trying to remain positive about it, but I tell ya, I'm really bummed about the bike. I'm running right now, but I don't belong to a gym currently and that was at least one other exercise option. Now I'm stuck with running, walking, or videos, which I absolutely despise. I'm sure I'll get another bike eventually, but it's really not in the cards right now since we're redoing our kitchen in the middle of all of this.

The worst thing about it is the feeling of just being violated. I hate knowing people were in there, even if it is detached from the house, while I was sleeping.

So that sucks, but I'm trying to move on. I'm off to get a pizza for my friend who just had twins, drop it off for her and her husband, then meet the girls for one drink (can't be drinking too much the night before a long run.) Tomorrow is the run, then granite shopping, a nap and seeing a friend's band play tomorrow night. Should be a fun weekend!


Melody said...

Sorry to hear you were burglarized. Been there. It sucks.

Hope the run went well today!

Kim said...

:( I'm sorry about what happend Jeni. That blows. Thankfully you and the boy were fine!!

You go girl with your running!! I am very impressed indeed!!!!!

Kim said...

Hey - you haven't posted for a while. Just wanted to check in and make sure that all is okay.