Thursday, August 16, 2007


So yesterday I did the bodyweight workout right? OMG I am SO sore. It's really kind of sad. I mean, I've been running, but I haven't done any weights in at least six weeks. And I can feel it for sure. It's crap. It makes me realize how much fitness I lose when I stop doing a variety of workouts every week.

Sure, my running is better, but my pushups are pretty much pathetic.

So I think it may be time to join a gym again. I'm going to keep the running up of course, until the half marathon in October, but I'm going to try to throw in some classes and weights and yoga and what not here and there. Now I just have to figure out what gym I'm going to join. That's no fun.

Tonight I did some speedwork and feel pretty good about it, although it was shorter than I wanted it to be. I started way too late and I kind of just wanted to get home and have some dinner. Umm and some tootsie rolls. Okay so there's only so much healthy living I can do. :) I'll get there...


jodi said...

yea, i've noticed that i'm sore if i haven't worked out in more than week, funny how body tells you, "i didn't like what you did yesterday"... :o)

K said...

What's a tootsie roll?

The strength will come back. I'm just getting into my stride with the weights after a long time of not doing any, and it's not taken long at all to pick it back up. (Though I'm coming to the conclusion that I'm pushup-impaired. Just can't quite seem to crack the technique.)

Kim said...

Good for you, getting back to the strength work! That's something that I have to start. argh. Good luck picking a gym.

I'll take some pics of the stuff my sister made for me and post them! :) They're sweet.

Alea said...

I just wanted to let you know that I'm still around... Hope all is well in your world! Take care.

Kim said...

Ok - you've been MIA for too long now. It's time to check in!! :)