Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Taking a Break

Hi guys. Sorry I haven't been around. Work and life in general has just been overwhelming and blogging is taking a backseat. I do plan on coming back full force, but right now I'm going to take a little blogging break. I'll still be reading though, so don't you guys quit on me like I'm doing.

And don't worry - I'm still working on losing - I actually decided to go back to Weight Watchers last week, and I lost four pounds this week!

So I'm not gone, just in hiding for a little bit. Be back soon!

ETA: You can still reach me at myfutureme@gmail.com if you want!


Kim said...

I'm SO glad that you checked in - I was getting worried there missy!! I understand needing a break, so take care of yourself. :) Congratulations on being down another 4 pounds!!! That's excellent!! :)

Email me if you want - you know I like to keep tabs to make sure that I'm keeping up with your weight loss!! :)

Fatinah said...

wow, awesome job on your loss!

Jen said...

Do keep in touch! I'm working on getting the new blog set up myself, which you will be able to find at healthyhappyandwise.blogspot.com Do keep in touch and good luck with WW! :-)


Cory said...

Good job! Good for you going back to weight watchers!