Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What is it

I suck suck suck right now at being a blogger. I'm stressed and I want to cry almost every day. I should be happy right now. There is just too much. It is too much for me right now and I want to let it all go to hell. I don't know how to organize myself for this move. I don't know how many effing pairs of pants to bring. I am letting these things overwhelm me.


Okay I just needed to yell that. Sorry.

I am scared. We don't even have a place to live yet. We leave in a week and a half. A week and a half. A week and a half.

It's only six months. I just need to chill out. For real.

A week and a half, and before that, I have to - go to a friend's wedding this Saturday. Be the guest of honor at a BBQ (at my house!) on Sunday. Be in a friend's wedding (including pre-parties, rehearsal dinners, etc.) next Saturday. Miss another friend's wedding next Saturday. Not tell that friend I don't think she should marry him.

Not to mention pack, get my shit in order so that someone can move into this little, messy house we won't be calling home anymore, and do things. So many things. Turn off my cell phone. Sell the car. Sweep the floors. Mow the lawn. Call my dad.

Weigh in today - gained .8. As long as I can stop myself from stuffing my face in stress I think I'll be fine.


Kim said...

Okay Jeni, take a deep breath and calm down. It is going to be okay. Really.

Take 3 pair of pants. If you need more, I'm sure that the sell them there. Or you can have someone send you yours if you absolutely miss a certain anything while you are gone.

Personally I'm a list maker. Write down everything that ABSOLUTELY HAS TO HAPPEN before you leave, and then another list of things that you'd love to finish before you go, but really isn't going to end the world if it doesn't. Make a list for the boy - he can do some of this stuff too. Let your friends and family help you - I bet they are waiting on standby hoping that you'll ask.

It is normal to be cranky and stressed with everything you have in front of you right now. Don't try to talk yourself out of it, just harness it. You are a smart girl, and this is going to be a fabulous adventure, think of the stories you are going to tell for the rest of your life...

Okay, one more deep breath. Make your lists. Pick three pair of pants to pack and let me know if I can help you. :)

jodi said...

ugh, i think i would be freaking out too since i'm such a planner but i think you just need to relax, take some deep breaths, make a list like kim said, and then tackle each item as best you can... :o)

i think 3 is a good number for pants, plus 2 pairs of jeans, some skirts, maybe a basic dress or two and def. some comfy clothes (sweats, etc.)... it's not like you'll be in the middle of nowhere - wonder if they have a target? ;o)

Nancy said...

Of course you can probably order anything online should you find you need it. Online shopping has been my friend during this pregnant summer! I agree with Kim, someone can send it to you.

I understand your stress though. I would be a bit freaked too! I would be taking a lot of mix and match pieces so you can make a lot of outfits and layer.