Wednesday, September 07, 2005

No Need For Sugar Around Here!

I kicked butt on the no sugar thing today! Of course right now, sitting on the couch watching TV just vegging, is prime sugar time, but I will refrain. It was definitely hard, but not impossible. I'm sure I can do it again. Now if I could only drop five pounds immediately. Wouldn't it be nice?

It is amazing just how much I crave sugar after a meal though. Especially this afternoon after my turkey sandwich and baby carrots; all I wanted was a damn cookie or something. I mean I REALLY wanted a cookie. But I stuck with my banana and I was all good. I made it through. And tonight I'm making some tea and I'll just go to bed early if the cravings get too bad.

Tomorrow is another day, and I'm not going to be so strict with myself but I'll probably try it again. It is of course, the season premiere of The O.C., so we're having people over for Mexican food and to watch. I know, I know, I'm a total dork, but it's just so fabulous. I also can't wait for The Biggest Loser next week. Talk about motivation!

Tonight I did a basic ten mile ride, but I really pushed it on the speed. I averaged 16.2 mph in 10 miles, which for me is absolutely awesome. I think I need to do short speed rides like that once in a while to get me out of my comfort zone. I'm riding the Buffalo Bicycle Classic this weekend, only the 35 mile route, but I'm still sort of nervous about it. I've never participated in an organized bike ride like this before, and I think its probably going to be sort of tough. After all, as much as I've progressed over the past couple of months, I'm not exactly Lance Armstrong. But I'm going to do my best. I just got around to registering, but I'll post my donation page tomorrow in case anyone wants to support the University of Colorado Arts and Sciences scholarship fund.


Angie said...


You can do it! Hey, what diet are you on now. I like the Zone. Recently, I've started using soy as a protein is a great diet food.

Jeni said...

Hi Angie. I guess I'm not any diet specifically, although I do try to stick to WW PoInts. I just try to eat right and work out, nothing too strict. But once in a while I do try to give myself little challenges to step it up a notch, thus the no sugar day. Hopefully it helps!

Lori said...

Angie, I am so glad I read this entry. I forgot about the Biggest Loser starting again. I missed it last season! Good luck with your bicycle ride tomorrow.