Sunday, September 04, 2005

Things I Know

I am obsessed with Chewy Peps. Have you ever had one? They these hard peppermint candies that slowly become chewy as you suck on them. They are delicious and I eat way too many of them. I think for some reason I don't think of mints as candy. But all they really are is sugar. So I need to chill on the Chewy Peps.

This weekend has gone quite well so far aside from the fact that I've eaten more food than I should have. I've ridden almost 40 miles so far, I've avoided alcohol, and I'm sleeping well. The food thing is a struggle (what is it with me and nachos?), but today I'm feeling optimistic about my future. I like to look back on the positive changes I've made when I'm feeling guilty about this or that; it helps me remember that although I'm not perfect I've come a long way.

I've probably written some other version of this post before, but it helps me out so I'm going to do it again.

I now know what a proper portion size is, and my portion sizes are consistently smaller than they once were. I now crave exercise, where before I used to dread it. I know my body. I know my body like I know the back of my hand if that isn't too cliche for you. I'm extremely in tune with how I feel if I've eaten too much sugar, or too much fat, or pushed myself too hard or not hard enough in my workouts.

Good nutrition and healthy eating; they are part of my life now. And although sometimes I want to drop to the floor and kick and scream rather than eat one single vegetable, I've moved beyond that. Things are good. I'm not perfect. I may never be. But I'm doing okay.

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Rainbowray said...

The chewy peps look tasty but you are definitely on the right path.