Sunday, November 13, 2005

The Boy Knows About the Blog

And I was going to go through all my posts and change every single time where I had written about how much I weigh. I started to do it. I even changed my stats on the sidebar so now it really just show how much less I have to lose. But you know what?

We live together. He's seen me naked. Many times. I'm pretty sure he has a good idea of how much I weigh. And he still loves me. So if he decides to pop by, which I'm going to tell him he can, he'll know for sure exactly how much I weigh. And he will still love me. So hi baby if you're reading this right now. I hope you aren't mortified that I write about you sometimes. :)

I just dropped my dad and my stepmom off at the airport and I'm home chillin with the dogger (above). I feel kind of icky. I did okay with food this weekend, but nowhere near perfection. I ate soup and salad on Friday night, which was great. Had fries for lunch with a turkey sandwich yesterday, but I made a pretty good choice for dinner. I still overate though (damn you dessert) and felt like crap last night. Lunch today was a veggie burger and fries. I have a serious issue with fries. Maybe I'll ban fries. Not sure if I can do that. It's a thought though. Something to consider.

All in all not great, but not as bad as it could of been, which is key. This new salad place called Mad Greens just opened up down the street from us, so I'm going to pop down there and have a nice fresh salad for dinner after I watch the stupid Broncos waste away their lead like they seem to do every week. Oh nevermind they just scored! Go Broncos! I'm not disloyal I swear! Ooh 2 pointer! We rock! Enough exclamation points!

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K said...

Goodness, you've been busy while my computer's been dissassembled (all last weekend).

Nice to see what you look like. You're very pretty - and from the looks of it, a dab hand with the eye makeup (I'm jealous. I'm not.)

I was totally stressing about people I know reading my blog, but in the event... it wasn't nearly as big a deal as I thought. My boy's known about it for a while, but as far as I know has never felt the need to look at it. Whereas I knew my mum wouldn't be able to resist if she found it, which she did a few weeks ago. But then, she knows me pretty well, so not much was going to come as a surprise.

It was weird, though, a little while ago, to come across my cousin's livejournal and realise he'd posted about me! (He said nice things, but even so...) I've never posted anything about anyone I would mind them reading, really, but it did give me a slight pause for thought.