Sunday, April 30, 2006

Okay so things have been crappy. Thanks to those of you who commented, it's nice to know I have you guys out there cheering me on. Last night we had our engagement party and it was so much fun. I'll post pics when I get them from my sister. Wow it was crazy. So the bad news is I had another pretty bad weekend. I haven't had a really good weekend in a long time. I actually haven't had a really good day in general in a long time.

So tomorrow is Monday, it's May 1, and it seems like a good day to have a fresh start. Another fresh start. Again. I need to take this seriously. And that means I'm going to make some major changes this week. Workouts are fine, so I don't have to make any big changes there. But my eating on the other hand is not fine. Not at all. Here is my plan for the next two weeks.

1. No alcohol (drinking about a billion margaritas and then coming home and making myself spaghetti at 2 a.m. is not conducive to weight loss).
2. At least one veggie at every meal. This includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.
3. No sugar. This means no mini Hershey bars at the office, no macaroons, no skinny cows. I can have a skinny cow treat next Saturday if I make it through the week successfully.
4. Blog/journal at least every other day.

So these are my goals. This week is really important to me. I have got to get back on the wagon. If I don't, this is never going to happen. I can barely even write this right now. This is just bad. I'm going to start with one good day. Tomorrow will be my one good day.

Plan for Monday
salad, frosted mini wheats
Lean Cuisine, salad
chicken tacos w/ bell peppers
snack: luna bar or yogurt
30 min jog

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K said...

Good luck. And don't be too hard on yourself for what's gone before. It's hard when there are parties going on, but so long as you can get back on (healthy) track - and you sound determined to do that - it's not the end.

Even if you don't always come up to your own high standards, the changes you do manage to make are worth it - and you need to give yourself enough credit for those!

Let us know how you get on...