Thursday, September 07, 2006

This Sweetness

It's raining here. And I feel like I could eat an entire house full of potato chips. Or some other monstrous amount of food. I just want to snack, you know? Just sit on the couch and munch. I think part of it is that I allowed myself some sugar today. Clearly that is leading to the cravings. I had a really bad day at work yesterday, and today one of my best girl's at work brought me a brownie.

Very sweet of her, and I don't really voice my weight loss efforts too much at work, so it isn't like she was intentionally trying to sabotage me. But she sorta did.

So yeah, the brownie was sitting on my desk as of 9:00 a.m. The girl who brought it for me sits right next to me, so I couldn't exactly chuck it while she was right there. So I put it aside and tried to hide it underneath some papers. The morning went smoothly and I sort of forgot the brownie was even there.

But then, after a healthy Subway lunch, the brownie started calling my name. I had an hour and a half meeting, and my the time I got out of it, I just needed the sugar. I was craving it. So I ate about half of it. It's amazing how sensitive I am to the sugar now though, it just tasted so sickly sweet. Don't get me wrong, it was delicious, but it still tasted very sweet.

Since then I've pretty much wanted to eat all afternoon. It's weird how some unexpected sugar can do that to your system. Eh. I guess that should teach me not to eat a brownie after lunch.

The good news is, I weighed in today for a loss - I'm down to 172.5. Woo hoo! And guess what, if I can lose 2 lbs next week, I will be entering virgin fat territory. Meaning I'll be at the lowest adult weight I've seen since I've been weighing myself obsessively, which probably means I'll be at the lowest weight I've been since hmmmm, I dunno, maybe some time in high school? Wow. I hope I make it next week. That will be super exciting. Okay off to read your blogs. Have a great Friday tomorrow!


Lynne said...

Hey congrats on the loss and good luck for next week's loss! There's something so exciting about the prospect of busting virgin fat, isn't there? :)
And the sugar thing? Totally gets me too. I had a reese's peanut butter cup the other day at work. Just one measley little cup out of the candy bowl and I spent the next few hours resisting the urge of duct taping the candy dish to my head like a feed bag.

alea said...

In my book, eating only half the brownie is a real success!
Sometimes we focus too much on what we could have done better and forget how far we've actually come already. When I was reading your post the one thing that jumped right out at me was the fact that you are now so aware of what's going on! You know what's happening in your body and you can detect the reasons for your munchies. That is a BIG step me thinks (one I have yet to make...) because it'll make it easier in the end to analize your feelings and not just drown them in greasy food.

Sorry I'm blabbing... What I actually really wanted to say was this... CONGRATS ON THE LOSS!!! You're doing great and I'm proud of you. Good luck for reaching virgin fat territory - I'm keeping everything crossed for you!

jodi said...

congrats on the loss and your wedding dress is gorgeous... i'm sure you'll make your goal - either way, you'll still be beautiful regardless of your weight... :o)