Monday, January 08, 2007

Weigh In Eve

Hi dudes! I'm in a strangely good mood right now, probably because I'm finally enjoying my couch after a really shite day at work. Work = blows right now. Meh.

Okay anyway, back to the whole weight loss thing. Things are okay, although I haven't jumped back on the wagon with the flying colors that I wanted to. This weekend was hard. Specifically, it was hard to not fall back into the whole mowing on food thing that I was doing for pretty much all of December.

I did spend an hour at the gym yesterday killing it on the dreadmill and then I got a massage (Christmas gift) which was completely awesome. So that felt like a good fitness day. Of course then I decided to have popcorn for dinner. And a low fat ice cream sandwich. No vegetables in sight. So, you know, you win some you lose some.

Oh and you'll be happy to know that I looked around that gym, found no one was staring at me like I suspected, and then picked my wedgie right there on the treadmill because it had to be done. So I'm starting to get my confidence back at the gym if you know what I mean. Sorry if that was TMI.

Anyway, I'm weighing in tomorrow and I'm sure I'll be down a bit due to loss of bloat, etc, but I doubt it will be a very good loss because I haven't been perfect. I have been a million times better than I was though, so at least that's something. I still haven't really decided what I'm going to do about posting my weight here on the sidebar. I dunno. We'll see. What I will do every Tuesday is let you know if I had a gain or a loss or a maintain or what. So come along, it's going to be fun! :)


Alea said...

Baby steps, my friend. You are going in the right direction, and that's a great thing! A loss is a loss, after all. So take it and enjoy it, you deserve it!

Hmm, having a massage sounds heavenly... Hey, this could be a reward for me when I lose x pounds! Will have to look into that. :)

And hey, you don't have to tell me twice to come along and read about your losses. I'll be right here anyway, because I love love love reading your blog!

Lynne said...

Argh! The weekend eating thing, it's killing me right now! I'm right back on track during the week days, and then come Saturday and Sunday and I'm eating like it's Christmas still.

Good job with the working and out and good luck with the weigh in!

Oh, and "dreadmill"? I laughed my ass off at that one because it's so true!