Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Body Types

Woo hoo I am sore as a mother today after all of those pushups and squats. Tomorrow is going to be painful. The workout was tough tonight too, as usual. I pushed myself hard tonight because I was sort of pissed about the choice I had made for lunch. Grilled cheese and fries = weight gain, not weight loss. Oh well I guess that's what the flex points are for.

I was looking around at boot camp tonight and the variety of body types there really struck me. Even among those who are really fit, there is such a wide variety. There's the tall skinny guy who can run like the wind and the short, hard-bodied muscle girl who can do 50 pushups no problem. There's me - average height, overweight, but with muscle underneath. There's a girl who probably weighs about 105 pounds. There's a guy who's thin, but is skinny-fat and is working on building muscle. There's apples and oranges and hourglasses and whatever those other names for body types are. Why do we even have those names anyway? Who cares?

But we have one thing in common. We are there, and we're there to work it. Every night. We're there to use our bodies in every possible way. To run and jump and squat and do pushups and push our bodies to the limit. And I think that's what I really like about boot camp. There's no gym bunnies just trying to look hot. Everyone is supremely dedicated and no one is there to judge you (or me). We're there to make the most of our bodies - to use our bodies as the gifts they are. Thinking about what my body can - and will- do just amazes me.

I signed up for the next session of boot camp tonight. I'm stoked.

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Natalie C. said...

This is my first time on your blog & it seems very close to my vibe. I'm sure I'll be checking back again. I had a great experience with boot camp several years ago (at Gold's). I remember being SO TIRED but feeling so proud of myself. By the end I could do 50 push ups like a marine (those were the good old days before I had kids). Good luck with it & with WW.