Monday, March 19, 2007


Warning: This post may contain too much information.

I have impetigo, which is basically like a strep infection that manifests itself in your skin. It totally sucks. But first, some background.

So we went to Newport Beach last week for a friend of ours from college's wedding (also why I've been gone so long). Six of us from the Denver area went, rented a house and had a blast from Tuesday until Sunday. We drank a ton of beer, ate like crap, but I managed to get in some sort of exercise every day except Saturday and Sunday. The wedding was fabulous and lots of merriness was made.

On Friday we were out in the sun all day on what we termed a "family bike ride" and when we got home, I started to notice some small blisters around my lips and on my finger tips. A few of my fingers were also looking pretty swollen. I thought maybe it was the sun or my psoriasis kicking up a notch, but I didn't think too much about it.

Well Saturday and Sunday the blisters grew and got progressively worse and today my face is swollen up like a giant tomato and I have nasty blisters all over. I know, it's disgusting, and it is driving me crazy. I went to my dermatologist this morning and he said it's a basic skin infection, probably from sleeping on dirty sheets (ewwww!!!) or sharing makeup or something along those lines. Drinking massive amounts of beer hasn't helped anything I'm sure.

I stayed home from work today but due to the three days I took off last week, I REALLY need to go in tomorrow. I just don't know how I'm going to face everyone. It's one thing being fat, but dammit I've always had a pretty face! Right, the fat girl with the pretty face? Classic.

Anyway, now I don't even have a pretty face, and I'm in pain and just embarrassed about the whole situation. I'm on antibiotics so hopefully it will start clearing up soon.

As you can probably guess by my reference to the massive amounts of beer I've recently consumed, things have not been going well on the weight loss front. To put it bluntly, I haven't even been trying. For months and months, I haven't even been trying. And I've been gaining weight because of it. Yes I'm working out a lot, but that is not enough. So today it's time to start trying again. And no more beer. Beer = bad.