Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I'm surviving the impetigo, but just barely. So far the antibiotics don't seem to be doing much good, but I guess it hasn't really even been 24 hours since I started them. I'm home from work again today hiding from the world, but hopefully I'll be able to go in tomorrow.

Tomorrow is a big day because it's both my mom's and my husband's birthdays. I was excited for the approaching day, but now that I've developed this infection I'm sort of dreading it. I don't have gifts for either of them yet (was going to go to the mall yesterday after work but that didn't happen). The other issue is of course that I'm supposed to go to lunch with my mom and then dinner with the husband. That means going out in public with my yucky face.

I think I'm going to have to just take one for the team and deal with it, because even though the waiter might look at me funny it's spending time with my loved ones on their special days that is important in the end. Send some zen vibes my way though so I don't have a panic attack about it.

I did actually get started on "trying" again as far as losing weight goes yesterday. I can't open my mouth very far because it's swollen, so that's probably a good thing right now. For dinner last night I had a turkey pita with hummus and an apple. An hour or two after dinner I thought, "Mmm, I'm sort of hungry, and I have some points left. I'll have some ice cream! I deserve it after all the crap I've been through."

But as I thought about it some more, I didn't really want the ice cream. What I wanted was some emotional comfort. Something to make me feel better about being sick. Something to turn to.

But ice cream won't cure my infection, and it won't make work easier, and it won't make me happy. In fact, the most it would have done would be to give me some instant gratification and then make me feel terribly guilty for "screwing up" the first day of me trying to get back on the wagon.

So I had a banana instead. I felt good about it. Still do.


PearShapedGirl said...

AW - Jeni I feel so bad for you!!! I would be the exact same way if I was in your situation. I've also always been the "chubby" girl with the pretty face, so I'd feel really vulnerable if something happened to my face. Good for you for planning to go out for your mom and husbands birthdays, that's very brave. I really hope that your anti-biotics kick in soon, so that you're back to feeling better.

I totally understand about you being "off the wagon" with trying to lose weight for the last little while. I started January with a bang and lost almost 15 pounds, but then gained almost all of it back in February. We're just not in the groove. But, I figure we'll never actually get this weight off if we don't keep trying and trying, right? Yeah, starting over SUCKS, especially if you've done it a million times and let yourself down over and over, but it's the only way. Best of luck, Jeni, you can do this! I'm here for any support you need!

Take care,

Kim said...

Good for you for passing on the ice cream!! That was the best thing that you could have done for yourself.

I hope that your meds help get rid of the infection and soon!! And enjoy the time you get to celebrate with your mom and husband. :)

Lynne said...

I feel so bad! You poor thing! I hope you feel better soon, jeni. Enjoy your day with your mom and husband, I hope it goes well and you have fun.

Here's some zen vibes per your request and a hug to go with them!

K said...

Impetigo, oh no! I hope it gets better really quickly. Well done on the banana front. Bananas are good. Apparently they have a low glycaemic load, and my husband's doctor recommends them for improving mood. So a good choice all round.

At least your poor face isn't a) permanent or b) self-inflicted. I'm good at self-inflicted. The first time I ever went skiing, I fell from top to bottom of the artificial nursery slope (it's like a massive prickly doormat) and got hundreds of parallel diagonal bloody scratches across my face. After a week or so, I was ready to kill anyone who asked what I'd done to myself...