Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Driver's License Renewal

I went to get a new driver's license today with my new last name. I know, I know, I've been married six months. It's just taking me a while to give up my last name. I know a lot of people have very strong feelings on taking your husband's last name when you get married, but I know it's the right decision for me. Anyway, it just took me a long time. The last name is really neither here nor there.

What was there was my weight. After waiting for two hours, I wanted nothing more than to just get the task over with and get the hell out of there, go home and make some dinner. As soon as I handed over my documentation and told the woman why I was there, the questions started flying, as if she was some kind of robot.

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Hazel
Height: 5'6
Weight: Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

The newly 16 year-old boy next to me turned to look.

And out of my mouth, popped 165.

Yes, I said 165. And I'm admitting here that I lied. I really lied. I do not weigh 165. I weigh around 188 right now. But in that split second, all I could think was, yeah, I weigh what I weigh today, but I won't weigh that forever. Hell, it was only last October that I was weighing 170, and that's only 5 lbs more than what my brand new driver's license will say.

So the new license will come in the mail in the next two weeks. Maybe I can lose 23 lbs by then? I know, I know, I can't. But I plan to have this license for a long time, and hopefully the next time I have to renew, I'll be able to lower the weight even more. Maybe I'm delusional, but I prefer to think of it as optimistic.

So do you think I'm a bad person? What does your license say? (Or other legal documentation, if you have it?)


Purl_Princess said...

Oh my god that's hilarious! I think my driver's license still says 110lbs... I was sixteen...

Alea said...

Huh? Your weight is on your driver license? So every time you have to show it, the person can actually see how much you weigh? I'm really glad my weight's not on my driver license! :) I can understand perfectly well though, I'd have lied too! A few weeks ago I donated blood and when I filled in the form with all my details I lied too and took about 20lbs off my real weight... But hey, I knew the person who was going to check the forms and even the weight I said I was is still quite embarrassing!

Ugh, your post just reminded me that I'll have a new name next month too... And I have kind of mixed feelings about it. For us, it was clear that I'd take his surname because of when we have kids we all want to have the same name. We figure it's much easier that way. But still, I like the name I have now and I had it for 30 years! Oh well, time to say goodbye to it... :)

Have a great day!

m said...

Ha, ha. Well maybe this will put a step in your day. My license has said for the last 20 some years that I weigh 135lbs. I just got to that weight (on some days) this past December. I started at 170 about 2 years ago. My goal was to get to my driver's license weight. Then I changed it to 145. Well somehow I managed to do it. (again on some days) It's a goal to achieve.

jodi said...

puh-lease, i had 145 on my license since i got the damn thing in HS... i just recently had it renewed and upped it to 150, since that is my current goal... i find it hard to believe that most women, put their actual weight on there but i could be wrong... ;o)

Wendy said...

145 for at least the last 5 years. When I actually weighed 145 it said 130.

The worst is if you ever take a small plane sightseeing trip. The planes have strict weight limits and they seem to know everyone lies so you actually have to get on a SCALE in the airport.

Christine said...

Canada doesn't have the weight on the drivers - man, I would be in trouble if it did - my weight changes like I change my socks. That just seems silly. Height and eyes - sure. But no one needs to know how big my butt really is.

PearShapedGirl said...

I'm SO happy we don't put our weight on our licenses in Canada!! If we did then I'm sure I'd do the same thing as you. I did that at a sports shop last year when I was buying skis. The guy asked my weight to gauge what kind of ski and I froze and told him a weight 20+ pounds lower. I think it's in all of our nature to do that. Weight is a private thing, so none of us want to make it public and especially not to judgemental strangers. Don't feel bad, just use it as a goal!

Take care,

Lynne said...

The name change thing. It is kind of strange isn't it? I've been married two years now and I still haven't completely given up my maiden name. I still have my old name at school and it's the last thing I have left to change. Perhaps because it's the last thing, I have been putting off changing it. I just always liked my maiden name and there's a little part of me that's sad to not have it anymore.
So I just went and looked at my drivers license and it says 130 on it. Which is what I sort of am most days. Except when I renewed I was really 165 pounds so I guess I lied! I think I reasoned with myself at the time that the 165 was a fluke and that I would be 130 eventually anyways!

JFarrlley said...

What crazy state puts your weight on your driver's liscense?

Just checked mine (PA) and all I have is gender / height / and eyes..

Some states do some odd things...


Jen said...

HAHA! Right now I weight 208 pounds and my license says 145!! Trust me...you are NOT the only woman to do this... ;-)