Monday, September 24, 2007

We have organizations!

Aaah Monday. Don't always love it, but I was actually almost happy to get back to work after a crazy weekend. Okay that's a lie that I'm telling myself in attempt to remain positive, but I guess it isn't so bad really.

This weekend was chock full of activity, but all good. I had an hour 45 minute run on Saturday, which went really well and I was really happy with, especially considering I had three glasses of wine on Friday night. I then spent most of the rest of the day on Saturday moving my pantry items from my dining room, where they've been stacked on various step stools and chairs and what not for the past 8 weeks during the kitchen remodel, to the new cabinets. It feels so good to actually have a place to put everything!

And as you can see - I'm actually organized. I also moved all of our food, which, admittedly, isn't a lot right now, into our shiny new refrigerator. It is so beautiful and bright and white. I just love it. So of course, I had to show it off with some pics. Yay!

We still don't have an oven or dishwasher or anything and they're still doing lots of work, but at least we're getting closer. I'd take a picture of myself, curled up on the couch watching Heroes, but I went on a run after work in the rain tonight and I am not a pretty picture right now.

On that note, I'm off to snuggle with the boy and enjoy my evening. Hope you all enjoy yours!

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K said...

Hooray for Heroes!

And it is lovely having places to put everything. When we moved into our house, there were two massive built-in cupboards in the kitchen, but only one shelf in each. My sister and I installed more shelves in them over the course of a weekend, and honestly nothing else we've done to the house has made such a difference!