Thursday, January 03, 2008


Hello! Whew. I made it through this day. Not without some crying, but ultimately I made it through.

This morning I had to literally drag myself out of bed, I was so tired. I think I'm still recovering from the holidays to some extent, but I also remember this super tired feeling that I get when I'm on the healthy eating train. I know it takes a good night's sleep to help promote weight loss, but for some reason I feel like I need even more when I'm living a more healthy lifestyle. I swear I could sleep nine hours a night if I had the time.

Anywho, I had to go out to lunch with a colleague, but I persevered and got the soup and salad. BORING. But it was actually pretty good and I felt good about my decision afterward. I also did 45 min on the dreadmill and had the rest of my veggie chili from last night for dinner.

The crying part we'll just skip over because I'm trying to focus on the positive right now, so that's another story for another time.

Tomorrow the weekend comes, and that will be a test for sure. I'd like to lay low and watch movies, but some social engagement or another always seems to come up. I just need to keep repeating positive statements and reaffirming why I want to do this, and I know I'll be okay. 21 days to a habit right?


Kim said...

You did more than just make it through the day - you made some wonderful progress, working out, making healthy choices in a social situation...these things are tough. Don't sell yourself short Jeni.

Just take it one decision at a time. All of these little positive decisions add up to big results over time. I promise. :)

jodi said...

i've heard some say that it can be LESS than 21-days til you form a habit so just keep plugging forward... you're making great progress - healthy lunch and the dreadmill - focus on those things instead... we all have bad days so just keep your chin up! :o)

Fatinah said...

somedays it feels like 21 YEARS to a habit...... ;-)