Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Weigh In

Down .2 again this week. For a grand total of 2.8 in my first three weeks back on track. I'm not gonna lie - I'm kind of bummed. I've really been working hard and to see these tiny losses these past two weeks is sort of disheartening. I've been working my butt off in the gym and I've been diligent about counting everything I put in my mouth.

Now I haven't been perfect, my dad was in town over the weekend and we went to the mountains, meaning we ate out pretty much every single meal over the weekend. But I made relatively good choices, and I counted everything, so I thought I would be okay. AND - we went snowshoeing for a good chunk of the day on Saturday, which was pretty tough and burned a ton of calories.

Anyway, I'm hopeful that maybe I'll get a whoosh next week, and I'm going to keep at it, but it's just sort of disappointing when I've been working so hard. I actually had a mini Milky Way today and I think it was sort of just to spite myself. How stupid is that?

In other news, I went to my first kickboxing class last night, and it was hardcore! I was sweating my ass off and I have absolutely coordination, so my roundhouse kicks were pretty lame looking, but I had a great time. It was nice to change it up a bit, and my muscles are definitely feeling it. And it's fun to imagine kicking someone's ass - sort of gets the aggression out. Not that I need that or anything. ;)

It's going to be tough for me to make the class because of the time it starts and my work obligations, but I'm going to try to do it once a week or so moving forward. Here's hoping next week the scale shows more of a loss. :)


Kim said...

Don't let the scale play with your head. You have to keep working towards what you want, even if your body is slow to respond. I think that the new class sounds awesome. Maybe throwing some new forms of exercise into the mix is just the jump start you need to shake things up. You may also want to try some different healthy meals.

I just don't want you to be so down on yourself because I know that you can win this war. :)

jodi said...

2.8 pounds in your first 3 weeks is great - that's right on target for losing weight in the healthy range... i know it's tough to see the scale not match what you're doing/feeling but don't let that number get to you! it's just that - a number! sometimes it just takes a while for your body to catch-up - i've even read somewhere that the more times you 'restart' a new plan, the weight comes off slower each time... such is life so keep doing what you're doing and you'll see progress... kickboxing really made a difference with my body, i'm sure it will for you too! :o)

Fatinah said...

hang in there - you're doing great. The only thing you can control is staying OP - your body is going to do what it does. At least the scale is going down - and you likely will see a big whoosh. It is hard to remember that safe good weight loss is around 1 lb (MAYBE 2) per week. You're right on track. We are trying to make changes for the rest of our life. Feel free to remind me of that when I need it. HA!

Kim said...

Where are you??? I hope that all is well! :)