Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rejection Sucks

I didn't get the job. Second place, again. I guess it came down to me and one other person. Ugh. I know there are a million reasons why it probably wouldn't have been that great of a job anyway, (or as my husband says, it probably would have been "soul crushing") but it still hurts.

And I still feel like a failure. Again.

I found out Monday night, when I got a call from the recruiter. He of course was not helpful at all and had virtually no information about why they chose the other candidate. So I need to call the actual hiring manager and find out if I did something wrong or if it was just my skill set, etc. But I just haven't been able to face it yet. I guess I'll call him this morning.

To top it all off, I weighed in today and I maintained. I'm just kind of feeling crappy all around right now I guess. I'm going to lunch with my mom at the brand new Wh0le F00ds down by her house though, so I guess that will be a treat. And my friend had a healthy baby boy yesterday, so I might get to go visit them in the hospital later this afternoon. That should definitely cheer me up. In the meantime, I'll just pet the dog, go to the gym and try to ward off this funk.


Jess said...

ARGH. So frustrating. I'm sorry! But you AREN'T a failure. Coming in second in this job market is really hard to do! Eventually you will come in first.

Have fun with your mom!

Hilly said...

I know this is not going to be super helpful but since I am a recruiter, I thought I would weigh in.

Sometimes it all boils down to a personality click. Sometimes it boils down to one small thing that another person has done that you haven't.

Don't label yourself a failure. Your perfect fit is waiting for you, I know it!

Jen, a priorfatgirl said...

aaaahhhh....I know its so hard, and there are no words anyone can say to help you feel better. So until then, just know I know what it feels like.

Alea said...

Can I just give you a big hug? You are definitely NOT a failure, don't ever think of yourself that way!