Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I'm just going to say it: I want to smack Sanjaya.

Okay now that I got that out (and honestly, I hate that I even care about Amer1can 1dol, but it's on right now, so yeah) I guess I can write about my day.

I sort of sucked it up at boot camp tonight. Just feeling kind of blah I guess. I got a lot of sleep last night, but I felt super tired all day at work today, was running late because of my silly boss, and then when I got there and found out we were running I was just over it. I shuffled along and when we got back and started doing shoulder exercises, I sort of half assed that too.

At least I went I guess.

Do you ever have those workouts where you just aren't feeling it? Maybe it's because all the workouts are catching up to me, or maybe it was just not what I wanted to do, but I definitely had a crappy workout. Maybe tomorrow will be better, but right now I feel like momentum is just not going my way. I'm tempted to just skip it tomorrow and call it a day. I like the instructor tomorrow night better though, and I know I'll feel even shittier if I don't go tomorrow, so I'm going to tough it out.

In other news, somehow today I found myself on the American Dietetic Association's web site today looking at local dietitians. I seriously doubt I need to spend any more money learning about how to lose weight, but the dietitian angle interests me. I started thinking about it, and I think I practically know enough to become a dietitian myself. I mean, right now it's more of a "do as I say, not as I do" thing, but maybe going back to school to do something like that would be just the kick in the pants that I need. Or maybe it would be one more failed attempt.

Who knows?

I do know that while I'm using my masters degree right now, I'm not really IN LOVE! with what I'm doing. What I do love is blogging, and reading your blogs and reading about nutrition and exercise. So maybe there's something to that. Do you love what you do?


Alea said...

Yay for going to boot camp and toughing it out even though you didn't 'feel it'! I get those days too (too often, really) and unlike you, I usually take them as an excuse to not exercise... So be proud for those seemingly little steps, because they'll make you succeed in the long run.

I know people (or at least someone) who went back to school to learn more about nutrition and chose that as their new career after being on a weight loss journey herself. I think a dietitian who knows from her own experiene what it means to be overweight and how much it takes to actually lose weight, can probably relate much better to the feelings a client (or would you say patient?) goes through. Personally, I think they're more inspiring and motivating because they act as a real role model!
So, if you think you'd love to do that, look into it! Do what your heart tells you.

Do I love what I do? That's a very thought provoking question! I don't know really, and that's a huge problem for me actually, because I'm finishing my degree in summer and I'm not even sure it's the right thing for me to do... But yeah, I might have to explore my thoughts on that question in my own blog, cause I don't want to clog up your comments section with musings and ramblings about me! :)

WifeMomChocoholic said...

I read somewhere that most dieticians either suffer from an ED or have recovered from one.

I wish I loved what I do. After getting a master's degree in my field (and still paying back student loans 14 years after graduation) I sincerely wish I loved it. I like my coworkers and my job is enjoyable sometimes, but I definitely don't have a passion for it.

My dh, OTOH, would go to work for free. Oh, how I envy him!

K said...

I like what I do (enough to be studying for a second masters degree in it). I enjoy my work. However, I would NOT do it for free. If you ever hear of an opening for being paid to read books, do a bit of gardening and recreational sewing, do let me know.

Actually, reading that, maybe I should just retire. (I'm 27, though.)

Jen said...

What a loaded question! I guess the short answer is "no." I think that people who truly love what they do for a living are very few and far between. That being said, I really enjoy the people that I work with and I love that I'm able to help them with a skill that I love, and which isn't possessed by most. So it's kind of a feel good thing. That being said, I still have to drag myself out of bed every morning and force myself to work, when there are a gazillion things I would rather be doing (resting, working out, cooking, traveling, learning, shopping, reading, etc. etc.)

My dad has always said that our jobs are a means to an end. That they give us the resources we need to do all of those other things that we love. And, if we enjoy the job...even a little bit...it's just a nice bonus. I think there's some truth to that.