Thursday, April 05, 2007


Hey guys. Bootcamp ruled tonight. We kickboxed. I am so fierce. Then the husband and I went to a new restaurant and I had the salmon. It was fantastic. I feel great.

So I've seen this on a couple of people's blogs and I never really do this so I thought it would be fun. And hey, you can find out a little bit more about me.

1. How do you like your eggs? Usually over easy, and on toast with some ketchup.
2. How do you take your coffee/tea? Coffee every morning, with a little bit of half and half and a packet of splenda.
3. Favorite breakfast food: It varies - oatmeal, wheat toast with peanut butter, or plain fat free yogurt with a little cereal mixed in.
4. Peanut butter - smooth or crunchy? Smooth.
5. What kind of dressing on your salad? Eh, depends on what kind. I love ranch. I love balsamic vinaigrette on spinach.
6. Coke or Pepsi? Diet Pepsi.
7. You’re feeling lazy. What do you make? A bowl of cereal.
8. You’re feeling really lazy. What kind of pizza do you order? Ooh, green pepper, onion, and jalapeno, with extra sauce Delicious.
9. You feel like cooking. What do you make? I feel like cooking?
10. Do any foods bring back good memories? Not really. My dad taught me to mix Frito's and ranch dressing when I was a kid. I loved it. No wonder I'm fat.
11. Do any foods bring back bad memories? Does gin count as a food?
12. Do any foods remind you of someone? My husband LOVES chocolate chip cookies. I love him. The connection is there.
13. Is there a food you refuse to eat? Red meat. Haven't eaten it for years.
15. Is there a food that you hated as a child but now love? Vegetables in general.
16. Is there a food that you loved as a child but now hate? Not that I can think of. Maybe I'm not trying hard enough.
17. Favorite fruit & vegetable: Fruit - right now, plums. They are so good right now! Vegetables, can't be zucchini. I love it.
18. Favorite junk food: Oh wow, this is hard. Ice cream I guess. I love ice cream.
19. Favorite between meal snack: Popcorn. I love my air popper.
20. Do you have any weird food habits? I used to have a cup of spinach every morning with my breakfast, just to get some vegetables in. I'm slacking on that lately. I should do better.
21. You’re on a diet. What food(s) do you fill up on? I'm always on a diet. Oatmeal, popcorn, salads, turkey pitas, fruits and veggies.
22. You’re off your diet. Now what would you like? Oh, just crap in general. Lots of wine and pizza and ice cream. And I'm not going to lie, T-Bell.
23. How spicy do you order Indian/Thai? Fairly spicy I guess. I LOVE peanut tofu from this little restaurant down the street from our house. It's not spicy, but damn its good Thai food.
24. Can I get you a drink? Red wine.
25. Red wine or white? See above.
26. Favorite dessert? Ice cream.
27. The perfect nightcap? See above. :)

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