Sunday, April 15, 2007

Stomach Bug?

So, I decided this weekend that I was going to try core, or at least follow the basic rules of core because I tend to eat a lot of crap when I start counting points. Two points for a banana? Eh, I could spend that on a fake ice cream bar. So I thought it might be nice to actually focus on whole foods and all that shizz for once. I don't really need a plan, I know what to do, but having a few guidelines always helps.

So yesterday started well, I had some cereal and spinach (gotta get those veggies in early) for breakfast and then a Chipotle bowl with work people for lunch - black beans, corn and tomato salsa and a little guac and hot sauce on a bed of lettuce. It was pretty good, and I felt like it was a healthy choice considering those delicious tortillas I usually get at Chipotle. Had an apple for a snack and headed to boot camp for a pretty tough workout, but not anything I haven't done before.

Well, about halfway through my workout I started feeling pretty icky, just sort of nauseous and gross. I've had really tough cardio workouts make me feel this way but yesterday was mostly lifting and I knew I wasn't pushing myself that hard.

I made it through the workout but on the way home really started feeling bad. The boy had gone to the grocery store for me (thank god for that because I just couldn't face it) but when he got home he had some sort of pre-made turkey breast meal that smelled pretty intense. It took one whiff of that and I was in the bathroom booting.

I was basically sick all night and I'm home from work today. I have no idea if its food poisoning or a bug or what but it totally sucks. I think I'm feeling better today and I just had a banana and I seem to be keeping it down, so I hope I'm through the worst of it.

Between this and my skin infection last month, I'm really making use of my sick days, something I never ever do! I'm going to try to take it slow and just eat things that make my stomach feel good for now, but hopefully I'll be back on track with my core plan this week. I have some chicken that I want to sautee and I'm trying a new brown rice recipe as well.

The good news is, hopefully I purged my body of any lingering toxins and general crap that was in there and now I can start fresh, feeding myself with lots of fruits and veggies and good lean proteins and what not. I'll have to miss bootcamp tonight, but I think I'm okay with a rest day today for now.

Last but not least, I know I said I'd be weighing in here on a weekly basis, but I'm not going to today because I know with the loss of fluids I've had my scale weight won't be a true indicator. Next week though.


Coco said...

Man, I am so with you today (2days after your post). Migraine, PMS, haven't made it to work yet, calling to let my boss know, and, after being unable to reach her for over an hour (cell AND office phones)finally got one of my colleagues who said "don't bother; she's a fierce, angry dog today" . . . great, now I feel better! <=] I hope you're finally feeling better. Love the blog!

Kim said...

Geez Jeni - I hope that you feel better soon. At least you didn't boot at boot camp. :)

Jen said...

Good idea to skip the weigh in...and I hope you feel better soon. Definitely sounds like a stomach bug to me. (And they've been going around like crazy here!)

Kim said...

Hey Jeni - I hope that all is well with you. :)

Purl_Princess said...

I agree - bananas totally don't seem like they're worth 2 whole points...

Come visit me at my new site, where I am actually posting again. I'm on a local food diet. I hope you like it!