Monday, March 10, 2008

Things I Need to Do to Feel Successful

Okay so since I'm not working right now, and especially since I was in Miami last week, I've been feeling a little slothful and just generally like I'm not getting things completed as well as I'd like to. This is going to be kind of a boring post, but just to keep me accountable, I've decided I need to list out here the things I'd like to do to help me feel successful this week. Getting back on the right food track this weekend didn't go exactly as I'd planned after an impromptu dinner invite from friends last night, so the first part of that is planning my meals.

So this week I'd like to:
  • Plan my meals every day and track my food!
  • Get a workout in at least four out of five weekdays, including 3 strength days and 120 minutes of cardio
  • Incorporate veggies into both lunch and dinner every day
  • Take the dog on at least a 30 minute walk every morning
  • Clean both bathrooms
  • Dust and mop all hardwood floors
  • Put the Honda on Craig's list
  • Use the turkey in the freezer for at least one meal
  • Go through the mail every day and get all bills paid on time and quickly
  • Buy N. a shower gift
  • Find doctor and schedule physical for hubby
Okay looking through it this is not a lot - it should be fairly easy to accomplish. It just feels good to get it all written down and out of my head!

On a side note - my husband is turning 30 next week and he doesn't have a general physician, but I think this might be a good time for him to get a basic physical and just make sure everything is working properly and all of that. He seems perfectly healthy, but you never know right? The problem is - I have no idea how to find him a good doctor. I'm sure our insurance company has some recommended physicians so I'm going to try to check that out, but if anyone knows any good sites or anything like that I'd love to know.

So as part of my promise to plan my meals, I'm going to do it here today.

Breakfast (already had it) - Kashi Vive cereal w/ half a banana and skim milk
Lunch - spinach salad w/ homemade baked chicken strips, walnuts, cucumbers, carrots, craisins and light dressing
Snack - Fage w/ honey
Dinner - sweet potato gnocchi w/ sage and asparagus

Have a great day everyone!

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jodi said...

what a great list - reading it made me switch some items on my grocery list... adding veggies to your lunch/dinner is such a great idea (and basic, duh!) so i'm going to have a little salad everyday along w/my cottage cheese doubles... :o)

i think it's a great idea about your hubby seeing a doctor - i go every year and try to get my boyfriend to do the same... are you guys on the same health plan? if so, could he go to your primary care physician (assuming you like him/her)... if not, maybe ask around and see who people recommend... then again, if you pick a doctor and he doesn't like him/her, try another one til he does! :o)