Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jean Pain

I know I said I was going away yesterday but I just needed to post my weigh in today. I'm down 2.6 lbs! Now that is based on my weigh in 2 weeks ago, because I skipped last week's weigh in. Two weeks ago I had gained a pound, so really, I'm down 1.6 from my weigh in 3 weeks ago. Which means it took me approximately 3 weeks to lose about a pound and a half. Averaged out to half a pound a week. Le Sigh. Sorry to bore you with all of that math.

Not really le sigh though because I am happy to see this number moving in the downward direction. I was just looking through my graphs, because you know I love the graphs, and I am down about 11 lbs for the year. That starting weight was pretty horrendous and I'm still about 10 lbs above my wedding weight, but I'm getting there.

Interestingly enough, I am fitting fairly well into a pair of (size 32) Lucky jeans I bought a couple of months before the wedding, when I probably weighed at least 6 lbs more than I do now. Now I know that 6 lbs may not sound like that much, but I swear each lb really impacts my body, the way I fit into my clothes, all of that. I was working out like a fiend at the time too, but I wonder if I was working out in a different way or this time around I've lost more inches in different places (e.g. my BUTT). I don't know, but I've decided to keep using these jeans as a barometer. (I've also been in a pair of Old Navy 14's for about a month).

Speaking of jeans, it's always been my dream to fit into some hot ass, really expensive designer jeans. Over the years I've continued to try them on, whether I'm at a higher or lower weight, and over the years I've been frustrated beyond belief by the sizing. I have never, ever been able to find a pair that works for me. So, Nordstrom is having their women's half-yearly sale right now, and I decided to do a little research on the jean situation.

Based on my current pair of Lucky's, a 32 is equal to approximately an American size 14. This sounds about right to me. But looking at the sizing charts of various designer jeans, here is what I found out.

Hudson's are similar to Lucky's - a 32 = 14

Citizen, Seven's, and Paige Premium Denim size 32's = 12

Meanwhile, Rock and Republic and True Religion are just plain mean. Size 32 for them = 10.

To me, this is crazy. Of course the designers are free to size their jeans however they choose, but how upset am I going to be when I finally feel like I can fit into a pair of designer jeans, and I go to get my True Religion's and find I can't even pull them up over my ass. Because really, I still have to go down two more sizes to fit into them!

I know it's a status thing, and to have these jeans you have to be two things: rich, and thin. If you don't have the money, or the size 10 or less booty, you just can't have them. I guess that's how they keep them just out of reach of the fat masses like me. Assholes.

One of these days I'll fit into some designer jeans. In the meantime, I'm just going to take my size XL workout pants to the gym and do kickboxing before I head to the airport. Bye!


M@rla said...

Oh, the sizing is insane, it's not even just the jeans - although they're the worst. My closet has clothes from 14 to 22, and I wear them all.

Congrats on the 1.6 or 2.6, either one is good. For me, half a pound a week is what I'm able to achieve when I'm really busting ass; it's disappointing compared to what some other people get, but down is down!

K said...

Yup, I have the problems with inconsistent sizing too. I end up wearing boys' jeans, because at least they will BE the size that it says on the label.

(I'm also different sizes on the top and bottom, and two sizes smaller in the waist than the hips. Gets complicated.)

About Singapore: if you go in knowing it will be hard, and prepared to tackle it, that will help a lot. I've never been that far afield, but I've twice gone to live on my own in foreign countries. The second time was much easier and better (maybe because I wasn't 18, but partly because I knew what I'd need to watch out for).

Six months is not a bad length of time. You'll have time to build up routines and not feel too lost, but it won't be so long that you feel the time will be endless.

Good luck!

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