Sunday, October 30, 2005

Darkness Falling

It's getting dark already. I can't believe it. It's not even 5 yet. I guess that's how it happens with the time change. It's okay though, I'm feeling good about the things I've accomplished today. I cleaned up the house, did some laundry, and had lunch with the boy.

I also went shopping and spent way too much money on new workout clothes, but it motivated me and I did 50 minutes on the treadmill and burned an obscene amount of calories. Which is good because I have not been doing well with the Halloween candy. I guess it should be expected but still it's annoying. My weakness for sugar is impossible to reign in . Eh.

I didn't lose again this week. Holding steady at 189 and it just isn't bothering me as much as it should be. I've heard from two people this week that I'm looking slim, so maybe the working out is changing my body shape, but just not the number on the scale. Or maybe those people are crazy. Either way it's nice to hear.

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Buckeye Sculptor said...

I'm a Capricorn too (twice your age) but keep your faith. We Capricorns can do anything we want to do. I believe that. Weight is hard to get off but when i was your age i walked a LOT and it kept me slim. I'm about 165 now. but untill i was 37 I weighed around 116, and this is hard to take. I sit and sculpt all day & don't get out anymore and walk. try that.
It isn't how big we are it's how good we are as people. you sound like a good person.