Monday, October 17, 2005

Sometimes it's about vanity

So I made a plan. And you might be wondering if I stuck to it. I didn't.

Unfortunately I just plain failed to meet my goals last week. I only went to the gym three times. I didn't get my veggies in most days. And I ate too much sugar.

But I am doing better. I'm under flex points for the week and I made it through the weekend alive. I rode my bike 25 miles on Saturday. I took a yoga class tonight. So I feel like I'm on my way back to hitting those goals. The veggie thing is hard. So is the sugar thing. But that's why they are goals. If they were easy I wouldn't even be talking about them.

So I'm going to keep trying to push these things.

On another note, I'm still not engaged. Believe me Internet, you'll be at least the 20th to know if I am. Work is really busy and filled with lots of tiny women who eat tons of food and don't worry about their weight at all. It's depressing. I guess I get some satisfaction out of the fact that I'm more athletic than most of the women there, but then I get sad again when it's Friday jeans day and they all show up in the cutest little outfits. I'm so petty, I know. But sometimes it's about health. And sometimes it's about vanity. So I'm still pushing. I will lose this weight at some point.

I'm so behind on all of my favorite blogs, so I now plan to use the evening to catch up. I miss you guys!

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