Sunday, October 02, 2005

I'm back!

I've been slacking on posting. So sorry. Mostly because I've been so busy with work, life, etc.., but partly because I'm sucking it up at this whole weight loss thing. Or if I'm being really honest, this whole weight gain thing. I'm back up to 187.5. Not horrible, but it sucks considering I've been stagnant for about the past 3 months. I've done a lot of exercising, but a lot of eating too. I basically have nothing to show for this blog. It shouldn't really even be considered a weight loss blog at all. It's more of a "Jeni blathering" blog.

That's okay though. I'm not killing myself over this. I'm still progressing and working toward achieving my fitness goals. This weekend we went to the boy's parents house in Dillon (up in the mountains for you non-Coloradans.) I wish I could post pictures, but alas, no digital camera. It was absolutely beautiful though. Leaves were changing, the sun was out, the air was crisp. It was a perfect fall weekend.

We rode 45 miles yesterday. It was awesome. We did a loop around Lake Dillon, then went and did the ride to Breckenridge. We stopped there and had a yummy tuna sandwich for lunch, then came home the same way we started. It was hard. There were hills. Lots of hills. We were in the mountains. And I won't lie. I almost started crying on one big hill.

But I made it without having to be carried home. And I'm so proud of that. I would have never imagined myself riding my bike from Dillon to Breckenridge. But now it's something I can't wait to to do again. In fact I'm looking to do Vail Pass. One thing is for sure though, the altitude really got to me. After the first mile I was seriously winded. Granted that was up a fairly steep incline, but still. It was the first mile.

Even having lived in Denver for years, I was still winded. I guess there's a reason why elite athletes train at high altitudes. 5,280 feet is one thing. But 10,000 is another altogether.

In other news, I'm taking the plunge and joining a fancy gym this week. I can barely afford it, but I'm thinking if I put my money there maybe it won't go to high calorie dinners, etc... I did a trial run of the gym last week, and I'm in love. It's got a pool. And a sauna. And cardio chisel classes. And a pilates studio. It's beautiful. And I'm going to get my money's worth damn it. I've decided to do the triathlon next summer. So treadmill and pool, here I come.

Now if I could only hire a personal chef. Then all would be right with the world. :)

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