Thursday, February 21, 2008


Today is a weird day. I am so spacey for some reason. I think it actually all started yesterday at the gym. I had lunch with my girls from my old job (went well actually, there was minimal gossip, etc. and it was soooo good to see them). Anyway, then I went to the gym to meet my trainer, and he seriously kicked my butt.

We started in the stairwell, where I carried two 20 lb dumbells up and down four flights of stairs, interspersed with some pushups. It was hardcore, and it only got worse from there. I was doing fine and actually enjoying my butt kicking until about 5 minutes left in the hour, when I was doing some tricep dips and all of the sudden I got completely nauseated and had to stop immediately. Trainer was worried and wondering if I was going to puke/pass out. I had bonked, and bonked hard.

Luckily the workout was almost over, so he got me some gatorade (third ingredient, high fructose corn syrup btw, WTF?) and had me just chill and stretch out. After I had gotten my blood sugar in check with about half of the gatorade, I showered and went home, but I still felt just icky. I had a turkey sandwich for dinner and pretty much just sat around the rest of the night, feeling fine for the most part, but sort of weird. It made me realize how important simple carbohydrates are when you're working your body that hard.

This morning I was planning on doing another hardcore workout, but I just could never seem to get up my energy, so I ended up doing just a run/walk type thing for about 45 minutes. It was fine, and I came home, showered and made some lunch before heading to the mall to get some new glasses.

I only really wear glasses for reading/computer/watching movies, etc. and I seem to have lost mine the day of the lay off. I think I must have just misplaced them during the frenzy of it all, but I've called everywhere and after about a zillion headaches I decided it's probably time to just go ahead and get a new pair.

They said it would only take about a half hour, so I headed to the new Nordstrom to get some coverup, and ended up getting my whole face done. I was the canvas. The girl was the artist. It was hilarious. I normally don't wear that much makeup, but I do like a little, so I figured what the hell. She ended up putting some fun, but fairly subtle, purple eyeshadow on me. I took a pic but the lighting is pretty bad in here right now.

Anyway, maybe you can get the idea? It's so fun, I kind of want to go out to dinner and bat my eyes at my husband, but I guess we'll just make frozen dinners or something and sit on the couch like old people.

My glasses didn't end up being ready on time and I had to run, but I'll show you guys a pic when I get those too. Tomorrow is another weights day, hopefully I'll be back to full strength by then.


Fatinah said...

pretty eyes

jodi said...

love the eyes! i'm all into finding new ways to do my eyes, it's just hard when you're doing it yourself... always look so easy on tv, right? sorry you weren't feeling too well but i'm sure you'll be 100% by the weekend... have a good one! :o)