Friday, February 29, 2008


Well the dinner with the husband's boss went fine. We had a traditional Swiss dish called Raclette. Have you guys ever had it? It's sort of like fondue, only you kind of melt the cheese over the veggies/meat under a little burner thing. It was actually kind of awesome - I want to buy a set. I loaded up on veggies only and although it was a lot of cheese, I think I did pretty well. I had broccoli, zuchinni, squash, asparagus, red and green peppers and snap peas. I also had 2 tiny pieces of bread, but for the most part I was very pleased with myself.

I ended up making a chocolate chip cake to bring - it is a very naughty recipe but I thought they would appreciate something homemade, and I was right. I also had a teeny tiny slice of that but I counted it in my daily points allotment and when all was said and done, yesterday ended up being a pretty damn good day. I did get on the scale this morning, as I do every morning, and was up a little, but I'm okay with that, I figure its mostly bloat and what not, and hope to see it come off in the next five days.

The kids were there, and one did in fact perform a Hannah Montana song on her little karaoke machine for us. And that's all I'll say about that.

This weekend should be interesting - today I'm having lunch with friends at a fun restaurant called Sputnik with a ton of vegetarian/vegan items on the menu. I've heard about this place for a while now and I'm pumped to try it.

Tonight should be low key as I'm getting up early to go to Breckenridge and go snowboarding, after which I will meet up with a ton of girls for a bachelorette party up there. The party is actually starting tonight, but one of my close friends and I are sort of fringe friends with this group of girls, and while we were invited, we thought the whole weekend might be a little much, so we decided to go hit the mountain tomorrow and then go for tomorrow night only. Should be interesting because the bride's mom and mother-in-law-to-be will be there.

I've been told this won't be an issue and the party will be in full swing and the booze will be flowing, but I'm hoping it means things tu!rn out to be a little more low-key than some bachelorette parties I've attended (mine included). That means I'll be able to monitor my alcohol intake and not go overboard with that or with food. Because lord knows if I get drunk, I'm liable to eat anything and everything.

Anyway, I'm off to pick up my friend for lunch and then I'll hit the gym afterward. Have a great weekend if I don't "see" you!

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Kim said...

I'm glad to hear that dinner went well. :)

Sounds like you have a very fun weekend planned for yourself!! I hope that you have a wonderful time!!