Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Weigh In

Down .6 this morning. Wow. Slow slow slow. My fault because I had a pretty rough weekend with eating and stuff. I'm sure my only saving grace was the workouts I've been doing, and luckily I have the time to do it since I'm jobless right now. Since I bought a ten pack with the trainer at the gym before I got laid off I still have about 5 sessions left with him, and he's been giving me some ideas for increasing my workout time while I have the time.

Today I'm going to lunch with two of the women who got laid off with me, so that should be interesting. I'm looking forward to it because I miss spending time with them (you know how you get to know your coworkers better than you know your own family? yeah, that was them) but I'm also kind of dreading the bitch session/speculation/shit talking that will undoubtedly happen. I'ts weird how we all responded so differently to the lay off.

I did the sad/hurt thing, but now I feel like I'm making the best of it and just trying to enjoy not having a full time job (of course while simultaneously not freaking out about money).

One woman did the seriously pissed off thing, yelling and screaming and just going off. The other one I'm having lunch with did the denial thing. It's like she just didn't believe it was really happening.

It's funny, you'd think someone died or something by the way we all responded.

Hurt. Anger. Denial.

But I guess in a way, losing your job is kind of like a death. I don't mean to say it hurts as much as losing someone you love, but it's stressful and scary and just all around lame. I think I've finally moved on though and I'm trying to embrace what I have now. I don't know what the future holds, but I know I'll be okay. And I'm looking forward to having lunch with these two to make sure they are okay too. In a way, I almost feel responsible for helping them along with their searches, even though I had nothing to do with them losing their jobs.

The hard part is, we're having lunch at Gordon Biersch. And when I start talking about emotional things like this, I tend to want to just stuff my face. I plan to hit the gym after lunch again like I did last week when I had a lunch meeting, and I think that will really help keep me in check. Hopefully I'll find a decent salad on the menu and then I'll be good to go.

On that note, it's time to walk the dog, check on some job stuff, and get ready to go. Have a wonderful day!


jodi said...

congrats on the loss this week, it seems to be going around... ;o)

it's good that you're making the best of your situation - who knows when it will change for the better... i admit that i enjoyed not having a job for a while (when i was laid-off in 2001) but i also lived at home so it wasn't as stressful... but even so, after a few months, i had enough - thank god for temp work! :o)

Kim said...

Great work on the loss!!!! Down is down sister!! :)

Kristi said...

I've been laid off before too, so I know exactly what you are going through. For me it was in 2001, and while there were about 8 other people who got the axe at the same time as me, it was still really hard not to take it personally. And even harder because my work friends all kept their jobs, so I felt like such an outsider! I had lunch with them once or twice after that and it just felt like they all pitied me, which was a yucky feeling.

My reaction to being laid off was on the sad/hurt/quiet anger side. I wasn't there the day the actual layoffs took place (I was on vacation!!) so I didn't get to see how everyone else took the news.