Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good morning. Okay well it's really almost noon but I am just kind of getting up and around. Sipping some coffee, waiting on my sister to come get me so we can head to the gym. I'm going to hit the treadmill even though it's a fairly nice day here because my sister is motivated to go to the gym and I'm all for supporting to her when she is feeling in the groove.

Yesterday I did weights in the morning, then I met my mom for lunch. I tried to make good choices but a few fries sneaked in there for sure. Then of course some friends of ours got engaged last night, so we all went to this bar on the 27th floor of a hotel overlooking downtown Denver to celebrate. It was fun - I took it slowly and on snacked on some pita and hummus, and had a few glasses of wine and one beer. Not 100% perfect and pure, but dammit I'm out having fun with my friends and I'm not going to let my diet control my life.



Tonight is another story however, we've been invited to a 30th birthday celebration at a Mexican restaurant, and I honestly am a little worried about that. I love love love mexican food and I always have a really hard time around it. I've done a great job making healthy versions of the things I love (burritos, nachos, etc.) at home, but when I'm out it's definitely hard to make good choices. Unfortunately the place we're going doesn't have a menu online, but I'll figure it out.

The rest of this weekend is going to be filled with lots of relaxing with the boy and the dog and maybe seeing a movie or something equally chill tomorrow. Hope you all have a great one!

P.S. Here are my new glasses!


Kim said...

I LOVE the new specs!!! You are seriously adorable. :)

Have a great time at your shindig. Make the best choices you can, and make up for the rest in the gym. :)

(Ah, so easy for a slacker like me to give advice!)

jodi said...

love the new glasses as well! very sleek and sophisticated! sounds like a great time w/your mom and friends and i'm with you - i'm not going to let my diet control my life... it's too short to be stingy... ;o)