Monday, February 06, 2006

Figuring it Out

Maintained this week. Still at 187.5. Eh. I guess at least it isn't a gain. So that's good. But you know I like to see that movement. I guess I'm about five weeks in, so maybe that's about the time my body is trying to re-calibrate or something. Also, time of the month intervenes. Or maybe I just effed up this week with food.

I absolutely bought a carton of B&J chocolate fudge brownie frozen yogurt and found myself running to the freezer three days in a row to eat out of the carton. Not a good situation. But I learned something, I'm not ready for just a little frozen yogurt, and so I threw the carton out with at least a serving left. I think I'm not ready for any sugar at all. I've been avoiding it for the past five weeks, and I'm going to stick to that. It's obviously been working for me up to this point, so I may as well continue. I can still have one "bad" day or day with dessert, etc., but that doesn't mean having a fake dessert every single day.

I am still rocking it on the working out front. Even so, I've been thinking a lot about the goal I set this year of doing a sprint triathlon, and I'm not sure I'm going to be ready for it. I fear I got caught up in something a lot of bloggers and a lot of my friends are doing, but I'm not sure I'm committed to it and ready for it. Maybe by the time the summer rolls around I will be, but for right now I want to focus on losing this weight rather than full-on training for a sporting event. I'm still tinkering with it, but I'm not sure.

In the mean time, I did go to spinning tonight and it felt great! I haven't been to this instructor before and she kicks ass! She is in awesome shape, I mean to-die-for shape, and she pushed it like I have never seen. And she made me push it too and it felt great. I can't wait to get back outside and get back on the bike. I guess its the running and swimming part of the triathlon that I'm just not sure I'm going to be ready for. I haven't been swimming in a month or so, and I just can't get excited about getting back in the pool. I'm too focused on completing my weight routines and getting cardio in on the treadmill, elliptical, and bike.

So I guess I'm just not really sure what I'm wanting to do about it all. I'm sure this post is completely random because I'm just blathering on about it all. I do want to achieve all of the goals I set out for myself. But some goals take priority. And right now I guess the weight loss has got to take priority. If I've lost enough weight by April or so, maybe I'll work on on the triathlon thing. If not, maybe I'll postpone the triathlon until next year.

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alea said...

First of all, congrats on you loss of inches! Even if you play it down by saying it's 'only' a small loss, it is one nonetheless and you should be proud of it!

It is hard this time of the month -and believe me, I know EXACTLY what I'm talking about - but it'll get over and things will get easier again. Well, until next month, that is... :) Seriously though, try to keep at it, I know you can do this!

And yes, I think it's a good idea to rethink about your goals once in a while. I need to do that all the time... If a goal is to far away, it seems out of reach and impossible to ever get there, and that is extremely demotivating for me. And I need all the motivation I can get!!! I think you're on the right track.

Best of luck, hold your chin up!