Friday, May 05, 2006

Late For Work

But I want to post here so I have some accountability today. Weekends are always hardest for me, and it usually starts on Friday lunch at work. I have a lunch with a colleague today and won't be able to choose where we go, but I'm publicly saying here that I will make a good decision. I will not eat any chocolate from the receptionist candy jar. I will have a healthy snack. Then, instead of going to happy hour, I'm going to the gym after work and lifting weights.

The boy and I are going to have a nice evening inside and watch the hockey game, so hopefully I can do a good job with my eating meals. I hate that it's gotten to the point where I need to write out every single thing I'm going to do today, but I fear I'll fall off the wagon again if I don't "say it out loud" so to speak.

Thank you guys so much for your comments. I know I couldn't keep this up if it wasn't for you. Okay off to work, TGIF!

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alea said...

How did your lunch go? Did you choose wisely? And how about the gym afterwards?
Hope everything went well and you made the right decisions! And if not, don't beat yourself up about it, just pick yourself up and try again! That's what I do all the time... :)

Have a great weekend!