Monday, November 20, 2006


Feh. Up a half pound from last week. I guess I should have known that the seven pound loss wouldn't have lasted. I'm just glad I'm only up a half a pound this week instead of more. I'm still mostly on track, although I had a little too much wine over the weekend and that's probably what led to the gain. It's weird how disappointing it is though. Like I knew it was coming, but it still sucks. When you try so hard, you expect to be skinny all the sudden. Right away dammit!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and the foodfest sort of terrifies me and excites me at the same time. We're headed to Texas to see my dad and the roadtrip always always means lots of fast food and crap. I haven't figured out what my plan is yet. I probably should have a plan but I don't.

Work is blah. Monday blues I guess. Trying to keep trying.

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