Tuesday, November 28, 2006


First, I'm not even going to discuss Thanksgiving. It wasn't good. I'll leave it at that. Why do I use family time as an excuse to stuff my face? I suck. Moving on.

Anne and Jodi both did this on their blogs today and I thought I'd follow suit. Here are the answers to a few questions about why I'm losing weight.

1. Why are you trying to lose weight?

Wow. I could go on and on. But mostly because I want to be at a healthy weight - a weight where I'm not worried about getting Type II diabetes and a weight where I feel comfortable in my own skin. A weight where I can run and be active and not have to worry about what all the extra poundage is doing to my joints. And, if we're being honest here, so I can buy ridiculously expensive jeans and look hot in them.

2. Do you have a reward for yourself once you reach goal?

I've tried the rewards thing before - a manicure for ten pounds, etc. - but it just doesn't seem to work for me. I know I'll go shoppping when I hit my goal, and maybe I should think about doing something a little more serious, but for right now I don't have a specific reward in mind. It's sad to say, but sometimes my goal seems so far off that I can't even imagine what I'd want as a reward when I finally get there. I know I should think positively about it though. Maybe I should do like a trip to a spa or something, a really fancy one, as a reward. I guess I'll have to think about that one a little more.

3. What food do you wish had zero calories and zero fat?

OMG a lot of stuff, but mostly ice cream. I love ice cream and could seriously eat it ever day. Mmmmm......

4. As you lose weight, what do you find yourself enjoying more?

I'd have to agree with the other bloggers out there that I love shopping. I always hated it when the only place I could shop was LB or other big girl shops. It was so discouraging to go into the regular shops and just look at clothes, and maybe try on an XL shirt in one of them only to have it be too tight. Ugh. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it. I still can't buy clothes everywhere, but I'm getting closer.

As far as other things I find myself enjoying more - going out with friends is definitely one. Denver is a decent sized city, but I can be sure that if I go out downtown with friends on a Saturday night I'll see either someone from high school or college. Sometimes that's great, but sometimes it's mortifying. It's getting better though.

5. What's your new favorite low fat food/treat?

I don't know that they are low fat specifically, but I have a few staples when it comes to being on plan. And by on plan I mean eating right, working out and in losing mode. My favorites include wheat bread with peanut butter, spinach salads and salmon. As far as treats go, I'm a big fan of small bites of the good stuff rather than eating a bunch of fake crap. It just never satisfies me and I always end up eating more than I should.

Okay that's it for now I guess. It's snowing here and the boy is stuck in traffic, so I'm in for a dinner of scrambled eggs and chopped bell peppers by myself. I'm so gourmet. Have a good one!


Lynne said...

Hey! Happy post-Thanksgiving! I totally understand the not wanting to talk about turkey day; a girl can only handle so much on a day that exists solely for eating food in excess! :)
Also, I had to laugh at your last line on question 1. I think we all can agree with that one!

Shauna said...

hehe, i loved the answer to No. 1. Aaaand no 3! lordy how i wish that were true :)