Thursday, March 30, 2006


Wassup. So the boy and I bought this crab-stuffed sole for dinner and I thought it was going to be really good. It wasn't. Oh well. I ended up eating mostly broccoli and risotto. Which is fine; at least it was a lot of veggies and low-fat risotto. I feel good about it.

In fact, this week has been going well. I was down 3 lbs, so I lost what I gained last week plus another two. Woohoo! And if all goes well I'm on track to lose again for my weigh in on Tuesday as well. I guess that really all depends on this weekend of course, but I think I'm on track anyway. We'll see.

As far as the no junk challenge goes; I haven't been perfect, I must admit. I had four mini-Hershey bars at work today. I have no idea what possessed me to eat them either. It was completely mindless. And stupid. I wish I didn't do it. Other than that, things are okay. I've been eating lots of salads and veggies and I'm still laying off the wheat. It is seriously tough though. Toes are still a little swollen but feeling okay. All in all, feeling okay. Hope you guys are too.


Rachel said...

Sounds like things are going well!!!!
Congrats on the loss!

snackiepoo said...

Congrats on your loss!!