Thursday, March 23, 2006

So It Goes

Went to the trainer today. He weighed me and I've lost less than 5 lbs in the past two months. No inches off of my waist. Only .25 inches off of my hips. One inch off of my arms and one inch off of my thigh. It's better than nothing I guess but I don't think that's really the progress I should be making. Neither does the trainer. He was even surprised I lost that much weight with my lack of inches lost. Sucks.

I'm bummed. I just feel crappy. I haven't been trying as hard as I should and it's showing. Feh.

Okay on to better news. I've gone wheat free for four days now and its going okay. Even at the boy's birthday dinner, I ordered a salad and corn chowder for dinner. And didn't even touch the chips and guac. I am so proud!

Honestly though, I'm not sure the wheat free thing is for me. I'll probably do it for a couple more days and try to limit wheat from now on, but I don't see any difference at this point. I'll probably slowly add it back in though to see how it affects me. I have learned that I don't have to have wheat to live though, just a really expensive Whole Foods bill.

So now the trainer wants me to space my meals no less than three-four hours apart, and have a vegetable at every single meal. Every single meal. Holy crap. That is going to be hard. It only has to be a little bit, maybe even just some celery with hummus, but still. So I know I'm doing a lot of experimenting with food right now and you probably all think I'm crazy, but I'm just trying to find what works for me right now. The thing that sucks is that I haven't found it yet.

Keeping on keeping on though. Thanks for stopping by everyone. Love you guys.


alea said...

I'm proud of you too! I looked at the place's menu on the internet and man did everything sound so yummy! Way to go for sticking with the salad and corn chowder!!! You ought to get awarded for that. :)

I hear you loud and clear on not trying hard enough... Yep, that's me. I sometimes wonder if I will ever get to where I want to be... If I go on at this pace, I'll be old and grey until I reach my goal. Anyway, thanks for believing in me and thinking that I'm an inspiration! I don't feel like it right now, but it's good to know that people do believe I can do this. I will try to give my best and prove you right!

How are your toes, by the way? Hope they're much better now! Did you get your results?

Good luck with the food experiments! I'm sure you'll find your way.

Ok Alea, this is not YOUR blog, so stop rambling! Sorry this comment got so long... Just one thing to add - love you too! :)

Rachel said...

Oh, I totally feel you on not seeing the results you'd like to see! I have been SO GOOD about both my eating AND my exercising and I've only managed to lose 5 pounds this month. Last month I lost 9. **sigh** It's SO frustrating! But I guess we have no choice but to hang in there. :) We'll get there!!!

Stephanie said...

I so glad that you are succeding with your wight lost