Thursday, March 16, 2006


Snore. I'm super tired today. Got up and worked out with the trainer before work. It sucked but it was good; I needed an ass kicking. I'm having a problem though, my toes are swollen and it is preventing me from swimming and running and riding my bike. The trainer figured out how to work around it (mostly arms and lying leg presses) but how the hell am I supposed to do my cardio?

Let me backtrack. I have two swollen toes; one on each foot. It's the third toe on the left foot and the second toe on the right foot. I have know idea why they are swollen. I have some theories, and I'm going to see the podiatrist tomorrow, but I'm worried. They freaking hurt! They've been this way for going on two weeks now, and I thought they would get better and they sort of were, the swelling was going down. But then on Tuesday I went swimming, and I woke up yesterday morning and could barely walk. What the eff? Was it the cold water? The kicking?

So I took yesterday off from working out, but today I had to suck it up and go. I am not going to miss out on my workouts due to some stupid little sausage toes.

Here are my theories:

1. I have diabetes and am going to have my toes amputated. This is going to suck.
2. Background: I have a fairly severe case of psoriasis, and this can often turn into psoriatic arthirits. This is starting in my toes and will work its way around to the rest of my joints. This is also going to suck.
3. I somehow randomly stubbed one toe on each foot and I'm not letting them rest enough so they aren't getting better. This is highly unlikely.
4. This is some unknown inflammatory issue due to my being allergic to wheat. This is the trainer's theory. He wants me to get fish oil and cut out wheat. Sweet. Just what I need.
5. I'm on candid camera. Do you know how stupid I feel talking about my swollen toes?

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K said...

That is a major bummer. I sort of hate to say this, but it sounds very similar to my sister's swollen finger, which likewise didn't go down by itself and did turn out to be arthritis. She's only 24 and it is, indeed, highly annoying, but has improved by being treated with ibuprofen. (She, my brother and I are all hypermobile - that is, double-jointed - so we have to be careful not to overstress our joints while exercising, and I'm the only one without arthritis. My brother's had it since he was 10. I should count myself very lucky.)

I hope it isn't that, and suspect it is perhaps down to too much ass kickage. Perhaps you need new training shoes. In the meantime, I find the elliptical cross-trainer is the only cardio I can do with sore feet, because the feet themselves don't move very much once you get going.