Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Same old Same old

Well it looks like my attempts to fool myself into thinking I'd lose if I waited another day to weigh in were futile. I'm going to have to live with a maintain this week. I guess it's okay. It's just not the direction I need to be going if I want to do this. I'm kind of pissy about it really. I'm still going to weigh in on Tuesdays though.

Good news is; I'm sore as hell from going to the gym Sunday, and I supplemented that soreness by doing 30 min on the spin bike and a 30 min jog last night. I'm supposed to do weights today too, but I think I may just go for an easy swim and let my body recover a little. Hope everyone has an excellent day.


alea said...

Hey, a maintain is ok. Even if it's not the direction you're hoping for - at least it's not the wrong one! You can still do this! All the workouts you're doing must pay off someday soon... Just keep it up and have some patience. I'm sure you'll be fine.

snackiepoo said...

This is the week of the maintain, sistah. Everyone in my email group maintained too, as well as myself.

Don't let it get you down; maybe it will be a bigger loss next time!