Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Houses and Glasses and Sprinklers Oh My

Wow. Things are so crazy in my life right now. We found a house this weekend. Put an offer in on Saturday, but they made us sweat until last night around 9:30. The good news is, we got it! I'ts under contract! Now we still have to go through all of the mortgage stuff and inspection stuff and yadda yadda yadda, but it's going to be good. We are going to have a house! I can't wait. The backyard is the biggest thing. Don't tell the boy, but I want to get another dogger. I mean, buying a house, planning a wedding, what's potty training a puppy? Right? :)

The other news is I found out I need glasses. I had been having blurry vision for a few weeks and couldn't figure out why. Well duh, I need glasses. I picked them up tonight and am attempting to wear them right now. They are sort of giving me a headache. But they are pretty snazzy I think. I'll post a pic when I'm not all grody from my workout. Do people still say grody? Did people ever say it? I did.

On the weightloss front, I lost 1.5 lbs this week. I thought I was going to lose two or more but I guess that didn't happen. Oh well. At least we're going in the downward direction. I did a 45 minute run yesterday morning down the path before work and it was good. I was shuffling along like I always do and feeling pretty good about getting my workout in before work. I only had about 6 minutes left - I was so close to home. And so tired. I was *this* close to walking. And then the damn sprinklers came on. And Jeni has a white shirt on. I mean granted, I had a big ole robo sports bra on underneath, but still. So what could I do except sprint? And you know what, I ended up cutting almost 2 minutes off of my time! Woo hoo, I should sprint more often. They say the only way to run faster is to run faster, and I think I see what "they" mean.

So far so good this week except for a silly cookie this afternoon that I didn't need. Girl's night is tomorrow and we're celebrating two birthdays, which means cake. I am going to do everything in my power not to eat cake. In fact I hate cake. Cake is disgusting. Bleh. Gross cake.


snackiepoo said...

Congrats on the weight loss!

I have been wearing glasses since I was five and a combo of glasses and contacts since high school and every few years when my Rx changes, I get headaches. You might want to look into contacts if you can stand them because they are so much easier to adjust to :)

Zara said...

Grody cake!