Monday, June 26, 2006


Devil scale. I'm so annoyed. I had a kick ass weekend. I'm sticking to my plan and I'm feeling awesome about it. So when I woke up Saturday down 3 lbs, I was stoked! Yes! Worked out for almost two hours on Saturday and successfully avoided all alcohol and probing questions. (Yes, there were some, but it's cool). Sunday morning the boy and I got up, drove to Boulder and climbed the second flatiron. I mean have you seen the flatirons? Probably not. But it was fantastic. Amazing. I feel sporty. And I was still down three lbs. Ate well and was feeling great.

So what happens this morning? I'm back up two? WTF? I know the scale is evil and I shouldn't listen to it and maybe my muscles are holding water and all that stuff but it just sucks! Whine! Hopefully it will go back down by my official weigh in on Thursday but if it doesn't I'm going to kick someone's ass. I guess my ass.

Also, I didn't take into account how crazy this week was going to be when I planned it for my first week of the challenge. We're closing on our house on Thursday (fingers crossed, because the lender wants to see my grad school diploma and I can't find it, oopsie, so much for getting a Master's degree). This means we're dealing with lots of phone calls and vendors and blah blah blah it's just craziness. And my mom is all worried about all the step people getting their feelings hurt if we don't invite them to the rehearsal dinner. I'm sorry, but some lady who has been my cousin for three years and I've never really met is not going to be offended if I don't invite her to the rehearsal dinner. Right? Damn broken home shit.

Also, did I mention I'm watching the challenge on MTV right now and Wes is a total a-hole? He says "Johanna (his girl) should fight for her right to be here with me." Ummmm, right. To be there with you. Because you're so effing special. If the boy ever said that to me I would say you can fight for your right to eat my shit because I'm out of here. Wow I'm snarky today. Sorry. I'm actually in a really good mood after a nice 1 hour bike ride and a peanut butter and banana sandwich. I feel like a kid. Good times. Off to read your blogs!


alea said...

Hey, it sounds like you're doing GREAT! Don't worry about the temporary gain, I'm sure you'll see a decent loss at your official weigh in. You'd so deserve it!

I'm all impressed with your workout schedule! Go Jeni! And to climb one of those flatirons - WOW!
I have the feeling that you're gonna kick @ss at this challenge.

Oh, and I hope you'll find your diploma soon... Good luck for Thursday, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Lynne said...

I just had to let you know that this post totally gave me a giggle tonight! Probably because for most of the things you wrote about, I've been there. Evil little scale? Yes, I have one. Crazy wedding stuff? Good lord how I've been there. (It's been a year and I'm barely recovering) Snarkiness? Yep, that's me too! And finally, peanut butter and banana sandwiches? Seriously, I'm all over it.

The Venus said...

Way to go on the hike that looks awesome!

Don't weigh except once a week. Otherwise the daily fluctuations will drive you nuts. Trust me, I've been there!