Monday, August 14, 2006


Okay so the plan sort of worked. First, I was so tired this morning I did NOT want to get up and run, and I almost hit the snooze button again. So that wouldn't be on the plan though, so I dragged my ass out of bed and went on my run. I still haven't figured out what sort of routes I like in my new neighborhood and exactly what I want to do, but I sort of meandered around all of the blocks around my neighborhood and it was fine. I passed by these two girls with their dogs no less than 3 times, and every time I passed them I sped up a little. I think it's good for me to have people to try to catch up with. It makes me go faster.

Breakfast was good - grape nuts and spinach. Okay so far so good.

Lunch, I was all set to have my Lean Cuisine, but then I realized that I had to go out for a farewell lunch for someone who is leaving my office. So of course we went to the sport's bar down the street, where my typical lunch is a taco salad (usually reserved for special occasions and I keep the portion small, but still, the shell isn't exactly healthy) I made a good decision and ordered it without the shell, cheese, and guac, which basically meant it was beans, lettuce, chicken and salsa. Not bad.

Snacks were on track, and dinner was chicken and veggies on the grill. WW giant cone for dessert. I feel good. I mean, I still had a few bites of the boy's cookie, so I'm not perfect, but at least things are getting back to okay. It's amazing how long the effects of alcohol last. I still feel sort of foggy and icky and I just want to be back to normal. No more drinking for a while. Next Saturday is my shower, and I expect I'll have a few glasses of wine there, but nothing like what I did this weekend. Hopefully I've learned my lesson for a few weeks at least.

So here's something. You know, I expect people to stink at the gym. Some people are clearly a little ripe, and they should probably do something about it, but I won't complain because we all go to the gym to work up a sweat. So fine. You stink at the gym. I'll keep my mouth shut.

But damnit, when I go to the grocery store, where I buy my food, and you stink, I just can't handle it. Who should stink so badly today? No, not some random guy hanging out in the cheese aisle. It's my effing checker! People, he's touching every single piece of food that I am about to purchase, take home and then put in my mouth. And the man clearly hasn't had a shower in about three weeks. Sick! I cannot handle it. I know that my food is wrapped, and the stink can't really rub off, but seriously. It makes me miss my fancy schmancy Cerry Creek grocery store. Oh well I still like my house, and that's the first time I've gone to this grocery store, and other than that everything went well. Sorry, just had to rant for a minute. NOTE - if you work in a store where people buy their food, take a shower! And deoderant! You can steal some and take it in the back and put it on. I doubt your manager will notice. Seriously.


The Venus said...

Ick on the stink, I think I'd complain to a manager.

Sounds like you are doing a great job eating, way to go!

Lynne said...

For some reason I too do better when I have people to catch up with and pass! Maybe it's a confidence booster? Like, "Yay! I'm winning!" Even though I'm the only one actually racing? Who knows! :)
Either way, you're doing awesome, girlie! Keep at it!