Sunday, August 06, 2006

We Have Patio Furniture!

And about a million other things. Sorry I've been so gone so long, we've been without Internet during this move and pretty effing busy to boot. I'm exhausted, but happy. We're finally completely out of the old apartment and in our new house. A real house. We've made it to grown up land I guess. We've been busy trying to figure out how things work around here, but so far everything is going well with the new place. The washer and dryer and dishwasher all seem to work fine. We don't have AC, but other than a few hot afternoons it hasn't really been too bad. I guess they build these old houses to keep cool. Ours was built in 1890! Wow.

Anyway, things are okay on the weight loss front. Last I posted I was worried I wasn't going to lose, and I didn't lose that week, I maintained. Last week I weighed in with a 1.5 loss, so I'm down to 176 now. I'm not sure what week I'm on of the 12 week challenge, but I'm going to figure that out soon and try to see what my progress has been. Obviously I won't have lost 25 lbs like I wanted to, but that's okay. I'm on the downward trend and that is what matters.

Eating has been tough; we had to eat out a lot during the move because we hadn't been grocery shopping and we had packed all of our dishes away, etc. I've been making pretty good choices though, so I feel pretty okay about stuff. We did get a new grill and some patio furniture, so tonight the boy and I attempted our first grilling adventure with chicken and veggie skewers. They were pretty good except I of course didn't even think about seasoning them (why am I so shoddy at cooking?). Needless to say they were bland. And the potatoes didn't get cooked. But eh, what can you do? At least I remembered to soak the skewers so they didn't set on fire!

Last night we went to the sushi restaurant around the corner (awesome, we can walk there!) and I had the vegetarian sushi plate. It was delicious, and I think fairly healthy. I need to figure out just exactly how many calories are in a veggie roll, but I doubt it can be all that many. It's just the rice, right? I also ventured out and had some tuna and some salmon, and both were pretty good. I'm usually very picky about my meat, but I'm working on the sushi thing.

Working out has been okay, but I've dropped my workouts drastically from where they were the week before last. I plan to get back to the 8 workouts a week this week, because this week I only did 4. I do feel okay about it though because of all of the moving and walking up and down the stairs I've been doing. I put on my pedometer today at 1, after a long walk with the dogger and unloading at least three boxes. Even though I missed counting those activities, I've almost got 11,000 steps for the day. So no workout, but I'm definitely moving my body.

I've so missed reading all of your blogs, but I'm finally starting to catch up. I miss you guys!

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Lynne said...

Hey! Glad you're back!

Yes, moving requires muscles you didn't know you had! I remember when we first moved into our house I couldn't use my arms for a few days!