Sunday, August 13, 2006

Quick back on track plan

Okay so I've had kind of a fuckup week and weekend, and I didn't lose last week, and if I want to prevent myself from gaining and actually lose this week, I need a plan to get back on track. So this is a boring post, really just a plan for me to make sure I can fit into those (size 32!) jeans I bought this weekend.

Workout: 40 minute run
Breakfast: Grape Nuts, spinach
Lunch: Lean Cuisine, pudding cup
Snack: Apple, protein shake
Dinner: Grilled chicken, low fat risotto, green beans

Rest of the week:
Breakfasts are cereal and spinach
Lunches are lean cuisines, turkey sandwiches or salads
Snacks are fruit and protein shakes
Dinners are chicken and veggies, salads or sandwiches

I'm going to run in the morning so I can go to the grocery store after work and pick up some of the essentials for the week. I'll be okay for food tomorrow, but I need to go after work if I want to make it through the week in a healthy manner.

So quickly, I've fallen off the wagon for a few days, but I'm picking myself back up. The reason I'm picking myself up is because this weekend I went shopping, and I cannot tell you how fabulous it feels to fit into clothes. By no means am I finished, I know I still have a lot of work to do, but damn does it feel good to go into the Lucky store and fit into women's jeans that actually look cute. Woo hoo! Later taters.

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K said...

The planning sounds ace!

We are moved into our new house now, and my husband's doing most of the cooking. Which is great, because he plans meals a week in advance (which I can't do) and I know what's happening the rest of the day.

I am still waiting to fit into women's jeans. I'm just not the right basic shape for the styles at the moment...