Friday, April 04, 2008


The weekend is here and I'm feeling good and ready for it. The sun is shining - finally - and it seems like everyone is in a good mood on a Friday afternoon.

Eating has been really great the past couple of days. I've been incorporating lots of veggies and monitoring my calories on Spark People, which I'm really enjoying. I still sort of count points in my head without even thinking about it, but I like seeing exactly how much protein, fiber, etc. I'm getting. Yesterday I racked up like 38 grams of fiber. Wow.

I took yesterday off of exercising but I hit weights and the stepmill today (the stepmill is killer by the way, I can do like 20 min max) so I feel great overall. Next week I'm starting a five week boot camp with some of my girlfriends, so I'm getting pumped for that. It's four days a week, 75 min a day. I also plan on including at least one, if not two additional workouts a week while I'm doing the bootcamp. I'm really looking forward to it because while I do okay on my own, I always push myself harder when I have some kind of guided support, whether it's a class instructor, a trainer or now a bootcamp instructor.

The one thing I'm nervous about is doing bootcamp with the friends I'm doing it with. All three of them are great friends, but they are all on a completely different level fitness-wise than I am. They don't really lift weights and keep saying I'm going to kill them on strength stuff, but they are super fast runners and have amazing cardio fitness. One is running a half marathon on Sunday, the other two ran the Steamboat marathon last year and they're training for Chicago later this year.

Now I know I ran a half marathon too, but they are all just so much faster than me. When we do runs, I know I'm just going to have to go at my own pace and not worry about what everyone else is doing, but it always feel shitty to be in the back. I think I'm just going to have to find a buddy that is closer to my pace so at least I'll have someone to hang with.

Tonight is happy hour for opening day for the Rockies, then probably just dinner with some friends. Tomorrow I'm going to run in the morning, then I'm getting a cut and highlight (sorely needed.) The rest of the weekend is open, which is nice given all the stuff we've had going on over the past couple of months.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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