Friday, April 11, 2008


Happy Friday! I am so exhausted from this week. I'm feeling better this morning after sleeping for more than nine hours, which is ridiculous I know, but sometimes the body just needs it. And my body definitely did.

Boot camp has been wonderful this week - I've alternated between pure elation at what my body is able to do and being on the verge of breaking down into tears, and multiple times. Each night this week I didn't think it could get worse, yet somehow it did. Tuesday we ran. And ran. And ran. We did a run test - two times around a nearby park, I think it was probably about a mile. I did it in 9:25, which is very fast for me. Then after the test we continued to run around the park, up and down hills and stairs and it never ever seemed to end. But it did, and I was fine, even though I was in the back of the pack most of the time, and I burned over 900 calories on Tuesday night. Wow.

Wednesday we stayed inside, alternating between a minute of cardio (up downs, jumping jacks, high knees, etc.) and minute of weights (chest presses, shoulder presses, squats, etc.). For 75 minutes. We did. Not. Stop. But I made it through.

And last night, inside again, but this time with sprints around the room, more weights, more cardio, and this thing called widespread panic. Widespread panic truly lives up to its name. You stay in a pushup position, slowly lowering down, holding in that down position for as long as the devil instructor says to, and then coming back up. And then down, and up and so on. It's ok at first, but then you get so tired of holding yourself up, and you can't go down to your knees, or you just have to go that much longer. Yikes. It's hardcore.

I'm sore all over - my bum, my shoulders, chest, quads, triceps, neck, everywhere. So needless to say, I am looking forward to a rest day today. No exercise whatsoever, save a couple of walks with the dogger. I've been able to maintain great eating throughout this week of boot camp, which makes me happy as I was nervous I might be ravenous. In actuality, I've sort of lost my big appetite for nighttime, so now when I get home I've been having something small, a sandwich or english muffin with peanut butter, that kind of thing.

I haven't mentioned this, but I've started doing a bit of freelancing while I'm out of a normal full-time job, so I'll be doing that today, cleaning up around the house, and getting ready to go to the mountains. We're going to a wedding in Beaver Creek on Saturday, so we're going to get one last weekend of spring snowboarding in (even though I think they've gotten like 15 inches in the mountains in the past couple of days, so there may be one more weekend yet).

Mountain weekends are fun, but they are always hard in terms of eating. It's the famous "apres ski" that always gets me in trouble, everyone loves to sit and have a beer, or three after hitting the slopes. Couple that with free booze at the wedding tomorrow night, and it could be a recipe for disaster. So my plan is to bring a Luna bar for breakfast tomorrow morning, have a nice salad or soup for lunch and avoid the afternoon drinks, and then try to stick to two or three glasses of wine at the wedding. I know I'll feel better if I do it that way, and my body will thank me for it.

Oh and P.S. I was down 2.8 lbs this week! Woo hoo!

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Fatinah said...

PS I'm down 2.8 lbs??? PS???? Holy noodle batman!! That would have been my title! HAHA

Boot camp sounds like a butt kicker!!