Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Testing Results

Boot camp was brutal, as I should have expected it to be. I picked up my friend S., who lives down the block, and we were both so nervous. I had that nervous stomach feeling so I was afraid I might puke or something but it ended up going away once we got started.

We got to the new facility, which is really nice, and sat down and watched all the other girls filter in. There is one guy in this class - I feel sorry for him. At least he's there with his girlfriend though. LOL. Pretty much all of the girls look to be in pretty good shape, so I'm worried about being the last person when we go on runs, etc. but I think I'll just deal with it.

Anyway, last night's workout was the testing I remembered, and my results were:

Sit Ups (full body, not crunching): 67 in two minutes (three more than last year)
Hop ups (two legs at a time, not step ups: 62 in two minutes (five more than last year)
Pushups (regular pushups, once you fall to your knees you're done): 10 in two minutes (3 more than last year)

So I'm doing a little better fitness-wise this year than last year, but not by much. I'm hoping to improve those numbers over the course of this five weeks but we shall see. We didn't do a run last night, instead after the testing we did intervals consisting of more pushups, crunching, bicycles or other ab work, squats, hop ups, up downs and various other tortures. I'm already sore this morning so I'm dreading what I'm going to feel like by Thursday. Hopefully I'll loosen up some once I get going on tonight's workout. I'm assuming we're going to run, which will suck, but must be done to get in shape!

I have a goal to get down 10 lbs over the next five weeks, 2 lbs a week, so I'm hoping I can make that. I may start posting my weight here again, but I'm kind of hesitant too because it's just so painful right now.

Le Sigh.

Food today

B: oatmeal and one hard boiled egg
L: turkey and hummus on whole wheat wrap, apple
S: Luna bar (before workout)
D: veggie chili and salad

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Kim said...

I'm so happy for you that you are back doing bootcamp!! Congratulations on the improvement you showed from your last round of testing - that's wonderful!! I know you can reach the goals you have set for yourself!!!!!!!!!!