Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekend Free For All

Ugh. After a particularly awesome, on the wagon, woo hoo carrots week I woke up this morning feeling like Bloaty Mc Bloaterson and just disgusted with what I did to myself this weekend. The best laid plans of mice and men I guess...

Friday was good, we headed to the mountains after everyone got finished working, but they had closed the tunnel due to some bad accidents so it took forever. By the time we finally made it up, the four of us were climbing the walls and wanting to have some fun, so we headed to the Brewery for some beers and some dinner. I only had two beers and got the soup and salad, so I was feeling pretty good about Friday night. But then we got home, opened some wine and stayed up until about 2 talking about religion and politics and you know how those conversations go. Of course the boy and I got in a fight, even though we were agreeing with one another, I guess it's just how we agree. It was stupid but it's all good now. What is it about wars and God that just gets everyone all in a tizzy?

Anyway, after about five hours of sleep, we got up to head to the mountain, but not without first stopping by the bagel shop. I was good - only ate half a bagel with tomato and cream cheese and some coffee. The snowboarding was amazing, the snow was great and it was a beautiful day. I'm so sad most of the resorts closed after this weekend because we had so much fun this winter, but I guess we'll just do it again next year!

The rest of Saturday included too many beers, little eating all day until we were finally served dinner at the wedding, which consisted of chicken fingers, mac & cheese, and of course cake. Thank god there was some salad. It was all great food and we had a great time of course, but my planning was less than stellar and even though I barely ate all day, I know I made up for it at the end of the night.

Yesterday was even worse, being hungover, having to drive the 2 hours home, and then of course having an empty kitchen meant I was just trying to fill my body with the easiest, fattiest greasiest food possible. This is cringe-worthy, but I had both french fries and ice cream yesterday. Gross. I'm paying for it on the scale this morning.

Why is it that when I leave my home-turf, the place where I can best control my eating, I suddenly lose sight of everything I'm working toward? It's like everything I know I should be doing just flies right out the window and it's a free for all. I know I tend to do this whenever I'm away - I fully know this about myself. Yet it's like I just go on auto-pilot and think, once I get home, I'll do better. But over the years, the damage has been done. I feel good, like I'm on the right track to actually losing some of this weight I've gained in the past year, but this spring is going to be incredibly difficult if I keep doing this to myself whenever I go out of town or have some kind of party/wedding/shower to attend. I need to learn how to celebrate with my friends and have a good time, yet still focus on the goals at hand.

The good news is, I'm looking forward to getting back to my normal eating habits this week and hitting boot camp hard again. Hopefully I'll make up for some of those calories I consumed this weekend with tonight's workout. It's super nice here today so I'm guessing we'll be outside, which makes me nervous but I also like. Outside means more time out in the beautiful weather, but it also means the likelihood of running increases, which is not always my favorite.

Regardless of what we do, I'm hoping I can get back on track and take this week to figure out just exactly what I need to do to stay on track next weekend. I do not want all of this hard work I've been doing to be ruined by a couple of crappy days.

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Fatinah said...

man, I had a crap weekend also....something in the air I guess.....all that's left is to get back on that friggen wagon!