Monday, April 21, 2008


Monday morning. I think I'm sick. I started sneezing, wheezing, coughing being stuffed up on Saturday, but I thought it was just an allergy attack. Yesterday it started getting worse, but I still thought it was just allergies because I was outside all morning working on the front yard. After a horrific night's sleep and waking up this morning feeling even worse, I'm not sure. I want to think it's just allergies so it will go away, but now my ears are itching and my head is so stuffed up I can barely think. It sucks. I've been taking my allergy meds but now I'm wondering if I should take some additional cold medicines too.

Hopefully I'll start feeling better as the day goes on, but this definitely begs the question: to boot camp or to not boot camp? I've always been of the mind that you should work out unless you are sick below the neck (meaning aching, wheezing, hacking up gross stuff, etc.) but I'm not sure how to judge how I feel. I am a little wheezy, but I don't know if it warrants missing a workout. On the other hand, if we're outside and I'm exposed to even more allergens, I don't think that will be a good thing at all. But on the third hand, or whichever hand we're on now, I know I'll be so guilty if I miss. What's a girl to do?

I guess I'll just see how I feel tonight and then go from there.

Now back to this weekend, which was a minefield of eating hell: I did okay. Not great. But it wasn't a total disaster either, so at least that's some progress from the weekend before. I am up on the scale this morning, but I'm hoping some of that will go away after a day or two back on my routine. Friday night I did well - stuck to two glasses of wine and ordered a chicken salad for dinner, although I did end up picking at some of the boy's fries. I was okay with that though.

Saturday I got up and went for a run before the shower, so I felt great going into it. I skipped the cake, but I did have two mini brownies and some chocolate covered strawberries, so that was kind of a wash. Especially since we went for Mexican food before the hockey game (Go Avs!) and I had two margaritas and some chips, etc. Oh delicious Mexican food, why do you always do this to me?

Yesterday was again okay, not great, we ended up going for pizza with some friends, but I stuck to one slice and had some salad so it was all good. Oh well, enough about my boring food choices.

One thing that did come up in conversation this weekend was the news that Canada is banning BPA plastic from baby bottles. I cart around a water bottle pretty much every where I go, both because I drink a ton of water and because I think it's irresponsible to purchase plastic water bottles. But given all the recent news on BPA and how harmful it can be, the boy and I decided we should move to BPA-free products whenever possible. So as of Saturday, I am the proud new owner of a BPA-free Nalgene bottle, all the better to hydrate myself with. I loved my old one and will miss it, but I think I can get used to this one. CamelBak is coming out with new BPA-free bottles with their special bite valve in May, so I'll probably get one of those once they come to my local REI. I love that bite valve.

Now that I've officially stopped drinking diet soda, I think this is just one more step to ridding my life of gross chemicals that I don't need. I'm sure there are about a million more things in my every day environment that could kill me at a moment's notice, but I still take comfort in knowing I'm doing what I can to save both my health and my environment.

Okay I'm off to the store to see if I can find some sort of relief from my illness, then it's freelance work and the boot camp decision. Hope everyone has a great day.

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